Licorice Pizza Presents Bradley Cooper as Superman Producer Jon Peters


Licorice Pizza, the new film from director Paul Thomas Anderson, stars Bradley Cooper as a famous Superman producer.

The first trailer for Licorice Pizza, the upcoming drama from director Paul Thomas Anderson, has finally released online after airing in select theaters throughout September. The film about a child star from the 1970s, played by Cooper Hoffman (son of Philip Seymour Hoffman), is already being presented as an Oscar nominee. But perhaps the most exciting thing about the movie for a certain breed of nerd in Hollywood history is the infamous real-life character Bradley Cooper plays in it.

The character of Cooper, seen in the trailer bragging about dating Barbra Streisand and smashing the windows of two cars with hammers, is barber-turned-film producer Jon Peters. There are a number of reasons why you may have heard of Peters; perhaps you have seen his name in the credits of films like A star is born or the Tim Burton Batman movies, or maybe you’re reading the headlines about the sexual harassment allegations against him. However, it is probably best known for its involvement in the abortive production of Superman lives.

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Superman lives is one of the most infamous blockbusters ever made of all time. He would have played Nicolas Cage in the role of Superman and would have been directed by Tim Burton. The first versions of the screenplay were written by Kevin Smith, who then told the story of his involvement in this bizarre production during his college speaking tour recorded in the DVD. An evening with Kevin Smith.

According to Smith, the three main claims of Peters at the start of Superman liveswas that Superman couldn’t fly, couldn’t wear his iconic red and blue costume, and had to fight a giant mechanical spider in the third act. In the documentary The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened?, Peters denied making the first two requests, but admitted he wanted the giant mechanical spider. It seems Peters was still changing his mind about what the movie should be, later adding requests for Brainiac to have a robot sidekick, fight two polar bears, and give Lex Luthor a “space dog.” .

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Wild Wild West Mechanical Spider

The production of Superman lives collapsed in 1998. Warner Bros. was nervous about the prospects for a mega-budget superhero movie after the disappointment of Batman and robin, and Burton didn’t like working with Peters. Peters did, however, include a giant mechanical spider in his upcoming film, Wild, Wild West. Peters continued to produce Superman Returns and held executive producer credit on Steel man, although Christopher Nolan banned him from the set following the harassment allegations against him.

A lot of Licorice PizzaThe story of is still shrouded in mystery, and it’s not entirely clear what role Cooper’s fictional Jon Peters plays in the film. The film takes place two decades before the Superman lives debacle, but maybe even in the 1970s, Peters dreamed of mechanical spiders.

To see how Jon Peters plays in the film, Licorice Pizza hits theaters on November 26.

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