Local cinematographer brings new film to life



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A new action thriller streaming this month has been shot thanks to the skills of Sandpoint cinematographer Jimmy Matlosz.

“FEAR”, an action thriller, follows a young family in the Pacific Northwest as a group of bandits steal the last of their supplies in a pandemic dystopia. As a result, they must team up with an alliance of outlaws to protect their children.

Whether it was a fluke or a prophetic stroke of genius from director Geoff Resiner and star Jason Tobias is hard to say, Matlosz said, but the movie was shot in 2019. .

Shot on a “shoestring budget,” Matlosz said he wanted to challenge himself to create a high-quality film on a tight budget. Matlosz, who has shot various commercials for years, decided to make the transition to narrative cinema a few years ago.

He launched The Idaho Film Company in 2019, which was incorporated last year. Since then he has shot a series of short films and written the first screenplay he plans to have produced by the company, which is currently in the awareness and fundraising phase.

Matlosz hopes “FEAR” will be an example of what he is able to accomplish even on a “tight” budget.

During filming, Matlosz used tools such as smoke and lighting to create a cinematic look, he said. Part of the film involved a “fire” in the house they filmed. Matlosz achieved this look with a special light that mimicked the look of fire when installed near the camera.

“For me that was important in this movie, especially since we are so faced with a budgetary challenge to keep moving the camera very efficiently where it hasn’t drawn attention to itself but has leads the viewer in the right direction and doesn’t take them out of the story, ”he said.

In addition to his own cinematic aspirations, Matlosz said he wanted to create more of a community for Idaho filmmakers. The state is not known for its films, but it believes the business has as much economic value as it does artistic.

“Businesses and business owners, and most of the community seem very receptive to this,” he said. “Of course my point is that if we bring a movie we are going to create jobs and with jobs comes money and money and jobs are what keeps this community alive.”

“FEAR” is available to stream on iTunes and YouTube, with DVDs available on Amazon. Matlosz is also working to get screenings in local theaters, he said. The film’s Fandango page will be updated with all screenings as they are determined.



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