Marine films ranked from worst to best


“The Marine 5: Battleground” has the most WWE Superstars of any film in this franchise, as The Miz shares the screen with Naomi, Maryse, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel and Heath Slater. Do more WWE Superstars make a better movie? Well, debatable, but it’s definitely a better performance for the franchise. Naomi, Maryse, Dallas, Axel, and Slater all play villainous bikers opposed to The Miz, and they actually put on good performances. Dallas in particular is surprisingly good as a landscape-chewing villain.

The movie has a boring setting, though, with most of the action taking place in a parking lot, but the action plays out well. The plot is much more interesting with Jake Carter of The Miz protecting a person of interest from the biker gang. The film has a much faster pace and offers unexpected twists that make this episode one of the series’ most suspenseful outings.

Strangely, Maryse is credited second in the running order but is barely in the film – it seems like it pays to be married to the star. Speaking of The Miz, he gives a charismatic performance, and in his third leading role at this point, he’s becoming more and more believable as the franchise’s action leader.


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