Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals, Round 2: Live


Time control

The time checks for all events are:

  • Fast: 15 minutes per player, plus a 10 second increment for each move
  • Blitz: 5 minutes per player, plus a 3 second increment for each hit
  • Armageddon: 5 minutes for Whites, 4 minutes for Blacks, no increase; Black wins in the event of a tie.


Players earn 3 points for a match victory in the games (the loser gains 0 points. A match victory after tie-break earns the winner 2 points (1 point for the loser).

“In addition to these points, players start with bonus points based on their Round ranking before the final. The player with the fewest Round points gets 0 bonus points, and the other players get half a point for every 10 full points they have more than the player with the fewest numbers. For example, if player A has the fewest round points with 86, a player B with 143 round points will be awarded 2.5 points because he exceeds the total. of player A of 57 (no rounding). ” (Quoted from Wikipedia)

The player with the highest amount of bonus points and points won in the final will be crowned Tour Champion.

Ranking after the 1st round

Live games

Live commentary with Peter Leko and Daniel King


Tournament page …


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