Mitchell Fruit Farms: Notice of Annual General Meeting


A. To attend the meeting:

1. Individual Members who have not yet sub-

provided a photocopy of their valid computerized card


In the case of individuals, the account holder or

National Identity Card (CNIC) to the Company

holder of the sub-account and/or the person whose

/ Share Registrar, are reminded again

the securities are in a collective account and their registration

send it as soon as possible directly to Com-

registration details are uploaded in accordance with registration

Registrar of Company Shares, M/s Corplink (Private)

ulations, must authenticate his identity by

Limited, Wings Arcade, 1-K (Commercial),

showing his original computerized national card

Model city, Lahore. Legal persons

Identity card (CNIC) or original passport at the

are requested to provide their National Tax

time of joining the meeting.

Number (NTN). Please give the folio number with

copy of the CNIC and NTN coordinates. Reference


In the case of a legal person, the Board of Directors

is also made at the Securities and Exchange

resolution/proxy with specific

Notifications from the Commission of Pakistan (SECP)

candidate’s signature must be pro-

SRO 779 (I) of August 18, 2011 and SRO

(unless provided earlier) to

831 (I) 2012 of July 05, 2012, which

the time of the meeting.

dates on which the profit-sharing certificates must bear

CNIC number of the registered member or of the


To appoint proxies:

authorized person, except in the case of minor(s)

and corporate members.


In the case of individuals, the account holder or

holder of the sub-account and/or the person whose


The Company’s share transfer book will be

the securities are in a collective account and their registration

remain closed from November 25, 2022 to

processing details are uploaded in accordance with the Regulations

December 2, 2022 (both days included).

ments, will submit the proxy form accordingly.

Transfers received in order (including the deposit

requests under CDS) at the office of our registrar


The proxy form must be evidenced by two

Corplink (Private) Limited, Arcade Wings, 1-K

sons whose names, addresses and CNIC- number

(Commercial) Model Town, Lahore until 01:00

ber must be mentioned on the form.

pm on November 24, 2022 will be considered

in time.


Certified copies of the CNIC or the passport of the

the beneficial owners and the agent are


A member entitled to attend and vote at this

completed with the proxy form.

the assembly may appoint another member as its/

his power of attorney to attend and vote in his place/


The agent must produce his original CNIC

his. Proxies, to be effective, must be

at the time of the meeting.

received by the Company in the Registry

Office no later than 48 hours before the time


In the case of a legal person, the Board of Directors

meeting is scheduled.

resolution/proxy with specific

imen signature of the person designated for


Deed of power of attorney duly completed, and the

represent and vote on behalf of the company

other authority under which it is signed, or not-

entity, must be submitted with the proxy form

provisionally a certified true copy, must be filed

to the society.

with the general secretary at the registered office of the company

Headquarters (72 – FCC, Gulberg IV, La-


Notice of Change of Address and Declaration

hore) at least 48 hours before the hour of the

tion for non-deduction of Zakat:


Members who hold share certificates must


Shareholders are requested not to

notify any change of its registered office

notify the change of their address, if applicable.

and provide their declarations of non-deduction

of zakat, if applicable to the registration of shares

CDC account holders will additionally need to follow


the guidelines mentioned below as set forth

by the Securities and Exchange Commission of

Members holding CDC shares/participant


accounts must update their address and


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