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An app that lets you centralize your digital movie collection from all departments introduces a new feature that will help you make sense of your library. The company today introduced an AI-powered feature called “My Lists” that automatically groups movies based on a number of factors – like genre, cast, franchise, theme and more.

For digital movie collectors with larger libraries, this feature might make browsing the available options more like scrolling through recommendations. Movies Anywhere, an app designed to help you keep track of your movie collection on different streaming services, has made some big changes by adding lists that provide a quick way to find content.

This new feature will order your movies in a way that reflects when and where you bought them. For example, if you’ve purchased all the movies from a particular franchise, like Disney’s Toy Story movies, they’ll now be listed on their own row, so it’s easier to find any of them. This change will help you find movies that have been in your collection for years.

You may also find that you own a lot of movies under the “Action Thrillers” category or with a central theme of “Strong Girlfriends”, which could help you narrow down your movie night selection.

Movies Anywhere movie app has come close to our movie watching dreams with algorithm generated movie listings.

From a personal list of favorites to a range of family movies slated for a marathon and everything in between. No longer constrained by the physical limitations of a shelf, you can create an alternative list of movies to watch based on what you’ve already purchased but not yet watched.

The Movie Anywhere app, first created in 2017 following the company’s migration to a new platform, is now jointly operated by Disney, Universal, WB, Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox. If you’re looking for an all-in-one digital movie organizer, Movies Anywhere has something to offer with its AI-powered listings. Previously, parents had to switch between multiple apps in order to find a particular movie they could have purchased.

One of the many features introduced by the app is My Lists, which automatically organizes your library. For example, when you enter a new DVD to watch, it predicts what will be your next interest and will add it as a recommendation to the queue for future viewing.

New My Lists is a feature of Movies Anywhere that allows users to organize their library with AI-powered lists.

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