Netflix may soon offer a cheaper subscription option, but there’s a catch


As reported by Variety On August 26, 2022, Netflix may be planning to unveil an even cheaper subscription tier than those currently available in the coming months. The streaming giant is looking at a monthly price between $7 and $9, which sounds good on paper, but this discount doesn’t come without a cost. This level would implement commercials – approximately four minutes per hour – except on children’s shows and original movies. Somewhere else, Bloomberg grade announcements would be impossible to ignore.

So if this concept becomes a reality, when can we expect to see it? Well, for those of you in the “handful of ad-spending markets,” as Netflix reps recently explained to investors, you’ll probably be able to check it out in early 2023. Moreover, it looks like some content might be missing in the ad-supported version which is otherwise available to watch on the ad-free version. However, the details of such a situation have yet to be worked out by the parties involved.

If you don’t mind the occasional commercial break and you don’t mind saving money every month, then maybe this ad-supported Netflix subscription is just right for you. Hopefully more information on this will be revealed closer to 2023 inches.


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