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Wednesday September 8, 2021, 5:34 pm by Tim Dawson

  • Peter Kay’s first autobiography to be released in audio format for the first time
  • New audio version of record bestseller includes two new chapters
  • Kay also confirmed he is working on a third volume, telling the story of his TV career.

Peter Kay, star of Car Share and Phoenix Nights, will release a new version of his first autobiography.

The audio version of The sound of laughter, which was originally published in print in 2006, will feature two new chapters, specially written by the star. Read by Kay, the audiobook, which will run for more than 8 hours, is due out on Audible on September 16 and is now available for pre-order.

Peter Kay, who made his first stage appearance in 3 years in August, commented: “I had never read the book since I wrote it in 2006. It was fascinating, like reading something someone ‘another had written. “

Explaining that he recorded the audiobook from home, Kay said, “Audible said everything was fine which made everything a lot more relaxed. I was able to record at my own pace and it made the experience so much more relaxed. funny because I got to fall asleep about it and have a different take on it all those years later. “

He added: “I hope this will lift people’s spirits. We all need to laugh.”

The 2006 book broke records to become the best-selling hardcover biography in British history.

The comic also announced that he had started work on a third autobiographical volume, after 2009. Saturday evening Pierre, plotting television work and its rise to fame.

He said of the new idea: “It has been a real joy to bring back the memories. There are over 20 years of stories on the set of shows like Phoenix Nights and Max & Paddy’s Road To Nowhere. Appearing on talk shows like Parkinson’s, Queen’s Jubilee and sharing letters from Ronnie Barker. We wrote to each other for years as penpals until his death. “

Audible recently stepped up its commitment to comedy with a slew of new releases, including the sitcom Raj !, written by Mark Evans.

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This third volume of Peter’s autobiographies will retrace the rise to stardom and televised work of the famous comedian.

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Peter Kay - Saturday Night Peter

Edinburgh, Blackpool, Bolton – the glamor of it all! From where Peter’s successful autobiography The sound of laughter leave behind, Saturday evening Pierre traces the course of his career as he left Bolton’s magnificent bosom and headed for the freeway, to perfect his act on the biggest stage of all – the British comedy circuit!

Every Saturday night, Peter showed up in a new location, with a new audience to conquer and a new group of weird characters to share the stage with: chainsaw-juggling lizards, suicidal wizards and some of the worst acts of tribute to have. already emptied a club.

First published: Thursday, October 8, 2009

Peter Kay - The Sound of Laughter

Peter Kay’s unfailing gift for observing the absurdities and eccentricities of family life has won widespread appeal to all. These vivid observations coupled with a sort of nostalgia that never fails to capture the shared understanding of his audience, have earned him comparisons to Alan Bennett and Ronnie Barker.

In his award-winning TV series, he creates worlds populated by degenerate, bitter, useless, endearing, and ever-recognizable characters who have drawn a huge and loyal following. In many ways he is an old school comedian and the breadth and enormity of his fan base reflects that. He doesn’t tell jokes about politics or sex, but instead enjoys the much funnier areas of life: elderly parents and answering machines, dads who dance badly at weddings, garlic bread and cheesecake, your mom’s HRT. …

His autobiography is full of that kind of humor and nostalgia, starting with Kay’s very first driving lesson, taking him back through his childhood to Bolton, the many jobs he held after school and until moment when he passed his driving test and rose to fame.

First published: Monday, October 2, 2006

The audiobook version includes two brand new bonus chapters not included in the print versions of the book.

  • Release: Thursday September 16, 2021
  • Distributor:
  • Minutes: 497


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