No Time to Die tops F9 as top-grossing movie of 2021


Daniel Craig’s last outing as James Bond had its critics, but No Time to Die is now the biggest Hollywood film of the year.

Where should the James Bond franchise go after no time to die?

No time to die ended Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond when it premiered in theaters last month, but it just might turn out to be the ultimate swansong as the film’s worldwide box office receipts have surpassed the $ 733 mark this weekend, making it the highest Hollywood movie of the year F9: The quick saga. While the film may not have performed as well as some at the domestic box office, with Eternals ready to push him to 7th place in this ranking, the international appetite for Bond was enough to propel the film above the 9th outing of the Fast and furious franchise.

With both films coming in part from Universal Pictures, they will be very happy with the outcome, as both films are currently delaying Marvel’s 2021 offers of. Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and, for now, Eternal. While there are a small number of big movies to come, including the release this week of Ghostbusters: the afterlife, and December Spider-Man: No Path Home and The Matrix Resurrection coming, 2021, and indeed the era of the pandemic, appears to be dominated by the departure of Daniel Craig’s super-spy.


The journey of No time to die hitting theaters has not been easy, with its release originally slated for 2019. Due to Danny Boyle’s departure as director, the film was delayed until April 2020, and that was enough to land it in theaters. early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. A decision was initially made to delay the film until November 2020, then April 2021 and finally, in the hopes of giving the film the theatrical release it deserved – and with everyone involved adamantly, it didn’t. wouldn’t go on a streaming platform – it landed in late September for most international markets and early October for the US and fans were more than ready for it.

Michael De Luca, MGM Film Group President, and Pamela Abdy, MGM Film Group President, said of this achievement: “We are delighted to see audiences coming back to theaters around the world and for their support. continuous to the theatrical experience. After a long delay, we are especially happy to know No time to die entertained so many moviegoers around the world. Along with our partners at Eon, Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, all of us at MGM are grateful to the teams at Universal Pictures, United Artists Releasing and in our own MGM territories for their tremendous efforts in making this great milestone with No time to die. This achievement pays homage to Daniel Craig and the entire cast, as well as our director Cary Fukunaga, producers Michael and Barbara and the crew for making an incredible film. We extend our thanks to our exhibitors and promotional partners for their continued support of the film. ”

Due to the unprecedented delay with the film’s release, this led Daniel Craig to be crowned as the longest-serving Bond in the franchise’s nearly 60-year history and the search for his successor has been postponed until 2022 to allow the actor to have his last moment of glory as an iconic character. The film was released on digital, DVD, and Blu-Ray in early November after only a 31-day cinema window, which is typically unheard of for such a large film, but as many of the population older than the movies. Bond’s call were hesitant. going back to the cinema for now, this should lead to No time to die also well in the home media market. This news comes to us from Deadline.

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