ORIANTHI talks about joining ALICE COOPER – “I love the band; if they wanted me to join them in the future for a run, absolutely”


Metal Sludge recently announced that guitarist Kane Roberts would return to Alice Cooper’s band. Alice actually announced Roberts’ return soon after. Guitarist Nita Strauss has announced her departure from Alice Cooper’s band after playing for eight years with the legendary rocker.

Roberts played with Cooper from 1985 to 1988 and performed on the albums Constrictor (1986) and Raise Your Fist And Yell (1987).

Speaking to VWMusic about her latest live album, Live From Hollywood, former Alice Cooper guitarist Orianthi was asked if Alice contacted her before settling down with Kane Roberts.

Orianthi: “Alice contacted me not too long ago to join him for some festivals in Europe. I don’t know, I guess Nita couldn’t do it, like, she was doing something. Then she ended up being able to do but i was going to get on a plane and rush over there and guest with him. With Alice the door is always open in the sense that we are a family. I love her very much , I love Sheryl (Cooper), I love the whole band they’re my brothers Anytime like when it comes to guest with Alice I’m there absolutely because I love the band and it’s so much fun I’m an artist – I have my own career, too, that I really want to focus on with my records and what I do – but whenever Alice calls me, I’m there . One hundred percent. And if he wanted me to join him in the future for a race , Absolutely.”

“I got a lot of messages when Nita left: ‘Are you going to go out there and do it?’ Like, literally, my phone was exploding, and I was like, “I don’t know. That would be cool…” There’s so many things that go into this stuff; that’s fine with Alice, “That’s fine with me. With Kane coming in, he’s got that kind of metal side, which Nita has. She’s a different player to me and it’s kind of a different vibe. I bring more blues-rock vibe to his It was fun, it was really fun. I think we have our own personalities.”

Orianthi toured with Alice Cooper from August 2011 to June 2014, but has appeared on stage with him and his band a few times since then.

Frontiers Music Srl presents Live From Hollywood, a new full-length live and video album from Orianthi. Available on CD/DVD and Blu-ray, Live From Hollywood is now available.

The performance was captured on January 8, 2022 at the Bourbon Room in Hollywood, California, and sees the guitarist and her excellent backing band in top form, playing songs from Orianthi’s latest release, O, and tracks like his hit, “According to you”.

Watch a performance of “Your Way” below and order/record Live From Hollywood here.

This new live release serves as an appetizer to Orianthi’s upcoming new studio album, which will be released later in 2022.

Hollywood Live Track List:

“Sinners’ Hymn”
“Heaven in this Hell”
“Think like a man”
“You Don’t Want to Know”
“What’s It Gonna Be”
“The Blues Won’t Leave Me Alone”
“According to you”
“How Do You Sleep”

Video “According to You”:

Video “Sinners Hymn”:

“Contagious” video:

Line up:

Orianthi – Guitar, Vocals
Nick Mayfield – Guitar
Carmen Vandenberg – Guitar
Justin Andres – Bass
Michael Bearden – Keyboards
Glen Sobel – Drums


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