Otley’s discount store where everything is sold for just 20p


A DISCOUNT store in Otley is considered the cheapest store in Britain as it sells all its stock for just 20 pence.

The store called ‘The 20p Shop’ opened on Kirkgate in Otley around five years ago after a family of traders from Bradford decided to expand their market stall to help the local community.

It sells everything from clothes, crockery, DVDs, food, books, vinyl, greeting cards and food and drink, all for less than a pound.

Stewart Nelson, works in the store part-time. He said: “We know how much we know everyone loves a bargain because my family has been market traders for a long time.”

“It’s the same concept of a shop by the pound but we thought why not take it a step further and make it cheaper for people, so we made it work by selling things for just 20p. ”

Stewart said some customers travel from across the country to visit the store and it’s also busy with locals who like to show up when they pass by.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

“We sell absolutely everything inside the store for 20p apiece. From time to time we have food, drink, sweets, some are best consumed before, some after. It’s really a little gem.”

Stewart said her father opened the shop because “the way the world was going, everything was getting more expensive” and they wanted to do something to help.

He added, “The store is even more helpful to customers now, more than ever because the cost of living is skyrocketing. It really is a shining star.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Stewart explained that the store isn’t in it to make money, because they “don’t do much at all,” but they want to make sure people are paying the right price for certain products.

“Things like greeting cards should never cost £3 or £4 each, no matter how they look, when they cost pennies and a pound to the manufacturing houses. We can store up to 100,000 cards in the store both, so we thought why not help people in that way.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

“It’s one of those stores where there are a lot of items, but we want to help people and we want to cater for everyone’s needs at 20p. We’ll never go above 20p, that’s always been 20p and it will always be 20p,” he said.

Stewart explained that the store gets its stock so cheaply by buying items in bulk to “get the right price.”


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