Persona 5 Royal: How to Increase Charm


Charm is one of Joker’s five social stats in Persona 5 Royal. Like other social stats, it is necessary to increase it to get closer to certain confidants, such as the death confidant and the priestess. It is closely linked to academic achievement and, like others, can be increased by reading certain books, watching specific movies, and hanging out with particular confidants.

The charm statistic in Persona 5 Royal can also be increased through certain items and by doing certain activities during Joker’s free time. Public baths are especially a place to enjoy for those looking to get more charm. There are also urgent opportunities.


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Item-Based Ways to Increase Charm

There are two DVDs, two games, and three books Joker can rent or buy that increase his Charm stat. Books are especially good because they can be read on the train or during class without wasting free time.

Items Where/How to get Acquired Charm
TV Shop at Yumenoshima in Yongen-Jaya. DVDs can then be rented on the central street of Shibuya. DVDs for rent:
  • Sparkling Hills, 90210: +2
  • Not-So-Hot-Betsy: +3
Retro game console Purchasable with games from Yumenoshima to Yongen-Jaya. Each level in the following games grants +2 Charm:
  • Gambla Goemon (purchasable in Yumenoshima)
  • Punch Out (purchasable at Retro Game Shop Super Baron in Akihabara)
The Seductive Dancer (Book) Can be borrowed from the school library. +3
Play the Game (Book) Can be purchased at Shibuya Bookstore. +3
Reckless Casanova (Book) Can be purchased from Jinbocho. Only available after reading Call Me Chief and Master Swordsman. +4

Time sensitive ways to increase charm

While the Bathhouse is always available to Joker and gives Charm, there are certain days when Joker can get even more Charm than usual. Also, some movies only play in theaters on certain months, which can give Joker some charm.

When Activity Charm earned
In rainy weather Go to Yongen-Jaya Public Baths and stay longer. A +1 chance in addition to the usual +2.
Mondays and Thursdays Go to the Yongen-Jaya Public Baths. +3 (a bonus over the usual +2)
July Study at the restaurant and order Frui-Tea. Charm +1 (in addition to Knowledge)
July Accept Ann’s invitation to watch “Love Possibly”. +3
January See “Fighting Friends” in Shibuya Theater. +3
September See “Like a Showtime Tiger”, in the theater of Yongen-Jaya. +3
Every Sunday Buy and drink juice in the Shibuya underpass. Increases a random stat by +1

Activities always available

  • The public baths in Yongen-Jaya is still available to Joker, and he will gain a base +2 Charm without any of the bonuses.
    • As mentioned in the table above, Mondays, Thursdays and rainy days can provide a bonus charm at the public baths.
  • Joker can gain +2 Charm is the Maid Cafe in Akihabara. He can also gain Kindness and Courage based on how he responds to the Maid.
  • Charm can be randomly earned (as well as all other stats except cuteness) while playing billiards at the Penguin Sniper bar in Kichijoji. A session costs 800 yen.


There are two optional Confidants who can make Joker more charming by spending free time with them. The first is Toranosuke Yoshida, the Sun’s Confidant. He appears on May 6 and will meet Joker a second time if Joker works part-time at the beef bowl store. His Confidant will unlock when Joker helps him. Spending time with him will grant Joker +3 Charm.

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The other person who can make Joker more charming is Ichiko Ohya, the Devil’s Confidante. To unlock her, Joker must go to the Crossroads bar in Shinjuku at night. She will appear on June 25 and will be unlocked as a Confidant by talking to her. Like Yoshida, Ohya gives Joker +3 Charm whenever they hang out together.

Other methods

At school

To earn charm at school, Joker must pass exams. This will require him to have level four knowledge and check his exam results at school. Doing this will bring it +3 Charm.

Still at school, the teacher occasionally throws chalk at Joker. If Joker can dodge (which requires a high skill rank), then he will win +3 Charm. Chalk throwing takes place on April 16, October 15 and October 24.

Big Bang Burger Challenge

Completing this challenge will not only reward Joker with more charm, but also knowledge, guts, and skill. Eating the following will give him the respective Charm boosts:

  • Comet Burger: +1 Charm
  • Gravity Burger: Charm +2
  • Cosmic Tower Burger: Charm +3

Persona 5 Royal is available on PS4.

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