Queen Rock Up on Carnaby Street to celebrate her 50th birthday


As if a Rolling Stones store weren’t enough in Carnaby Street in London, legendary British rock band Queen has opened a pop-up store just yards from Mick and the Boys to celebrate five decades of performance.

To officially mark 50 years of music, Queen this morning opened her dedicated experiential pop-up boutique and store – Tallest queen – will trade through January 2022, with a range of limited edition music releases, fashion and lifestyle product collaborations, as well as new products and weekly events.

To keep the content alive, each month will have a theme; “Music” for October, “Art & Design” for November and “Magic” for December and the holidays, with visual installations that “acts as a narration of each of Queen’s five decades”.

Trading downstairs and downstairs, the areas were divided into ten-year-old chunks, starting with the 1970s thrift store (early on, much-loved singer Freddie Mercury and drummer Roger Taylor had a booth at Kensington Market), iconic live performances from the 1980s and tours of the band’s live pump, the 1990s record store, the 2000s tribute DVD to the tech concepts of the 2010s.

Created in partnership with Bravado, the merchandise and brand management company of Universal Music Group, the store features fashion collections that will include collaborations with a host of fashion brands, including Champion, Wrangler and Johnny Hoxton jewelry.

“It’s a moment in time,” said Keith Taperell, vice president, retail and sales, Bravado, who looked remarkably relaxed considering the team had just completed a 48-hour layout ready. for press preview and photography. “Queen is hitting the road again next year and we wanted to celebrate the band’s five decades with an immersive and experiential store for Queen’s fans, who are very passionate about them. It was important to mark the occasion.

Queen takes fans through the decades

Taperell says the store was designed as a series of boutiques, each marking a decade in Queen’s career, and each area was designed to reflect that, with the 1970s wallpaper and the theme of saving for the first decade, for example.

The group’s ongoing album and singles releases will be a big part of the store’s operations in October. Limited edition music will be available for purchase throughout the music month with drops every week, including starting this morning a limited edition of a Queen’s greatest hits vinyl, store-exclusive and bearing date and location of purchase, as well as current and new solo releases by Brian May and Roger Taylor.

“Only 1,000 of The biggest hits vinyl edition are available, 500 in store and 500 on the band’s online site. Once a week in October we will also be releasing a single, which will be very collectable for fans, ”Taperell adds.

More drops planned at Carnaby Street

The month of November will feature collaborative partners including Japanese designer Tokolo, a limited edition bear from Steiff, and a first visit from a soon-to-be-released Queen pinball machine. Merging ‘Queen’s Five Decade Magic With Christmas Magic’, product launches in December will include a Rubix Cube, Christmas sweaters, cards, wrapping paper and accessories.

Taperell says he spent much of the day leading up to the launch meeting fans who came to the gate hoping it was already open and were keen to share stories about when they saw or met. the group.

“It gives me a lot of confidence that the store will be a success,” he says. “Because you can see how much love and passion there is for Queen of all ages. We want this to be a great place for die-hard fans to come and interact with the merchandise, see Brian’s guitars May and attend events.


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