Readers Respond to Bacup School Nursery Plans Due to Covid


THE Lancashire Telegraph has reported that a mother is heartbroken at not being able to watch her children’s nursery play in person for the second year in a row.

Jane Cockcroft said her children, Jack, four, and Harriet, five, were thrilled to star in a nativity play at Bacup North Elementary School.

However, school staff say they are considering recording it again instead of inviting parents to watch it live, due to the coronavirus.

Our readers have responded to the news on social media and online.

Katherine Allum said: “Yeah that’s a real shame. We were able to go to parent’s night this year which was good but unfortunately they don’t allow parents to watch. Everything is recorded and you have to. buy on DVD (i dont even have a dvd player) my daughter auditioned to be mary and got it i am very disappointed.

Sally Varey said: “It was the same last year when my little boy was at the reception, I doubt that will change soon.”

Jayne Rogers said: “It was also on Radio Two. To be honest I think it’s safer to watch via a link with the growing numbers.”

  • East Lancs mother is heartbroken that school does not show nativity because of Covid-19

Nicola Francis said: “And yet thousands of people can watch football? Play the nurseries again!”

Jadeanne Watson said: “Fortunately my son’s school allows us to attend the play this year, but she missed last year when he was at the reception, she will never get it back. parents are really looking forward to it. ”

Ricki Love said: “Oh come on, I haven’t seen any nursery of my youngest. I wish I could see the first one she did in person, but the school is recording it and setting it up for so we can watch it. There is always next year. ”


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