Remember The Titans vs. Miracle: choose a movie for the rest of your life


We may have covered this in the Sports Movies Snake Project, but at the same time, maybe not. There was certainly controversy surrounding the Miracle choice, but it was more a question of selection integrity than project strategy. In the midst of the chaos, Remember The Titans slipped me into round 3 and the rest is history.

On a higher level though, I recently spent time in a lakeside vacation home type setting where you have limited access to entertainment options. It’s not exactly the only VHS attached to a 27 inch Toshiba, but we do use a DVD player. It’s not below me. And in that regard, we’re limited to a handful of classics involving two notable heavyweights on around 90% of US shelves. I’m talking about Miracle and Remember The Titans.

I’ve watched them both a handful of times over the past week. I did my homework. I know where the weaknesses are and especially the differentiators. I am ready to face the question of superiority. But I want to take the survey first:

The voting gap is entirely related to the underlying sport. Too many people cited their personal preferences in responses. Damn how they played JV football for a dominant person as well. How they love football and don’t have the budget or climate to play youth hockey etc. Personally, I think it’s unfair to compare movies. Let’s stay focused on the big screen. If we do that and remove the noise, it’s much closer to a toss.

With that in mind, let’s talk about the soundtrack. Remember the Titans are blowing Miracle out of the water. Don’t make me go to the tape. We know that.

Training performance = Herb Brooks & Kurt Russell. It’s just more end to end when you consider the conflict with the amateur hockey association and the way he must have drafted the team himself. Coach Boone inherited a proven winner. Gerry Bertier was an All American. Sunshine was a backup. I could go on and on. But Herb Brooks had to build a group from the group THEN go out and beat the Soviets.

Underlying Tensions = The Cold War was a lot of shit but I go with the explicit racism in Remember The Titans. It’s a lot heavier for me than the Russians playing for Russia during the nuclear arms race with Russia.

Mid-Movie Cut Guy = Ralph Cox was awesome. Losing him hurt more than seeing Ray get cut, that was good, if that makes sense. I still wish Coxy was on the ice with the boys at the end.

Late Night Practice = I love in Remember the Titans when the cars stop with the lights on and they make the left side loud. But nothing beats MIKE ERUZIONE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This is powerful shit. Everyone loves this scene.

Soundtrack = reminder that RTT has an elite soundtrack. Miracle is racking up points, but remember the soundtrack is awesome.

Devastating injuries = Gerry Bertier almost dies. OC just hits a knee and then he comes back, which was awesome. But of pure emotional devastation, Gerry in a landslide.

Championship Game = Miracle and it’s not near. The final piece of Remember the Titans may be a final 3.6 piece. I would have been more comfortable with the annexation of Puerto Rico (from Little Giants – not the actual, literal annexation of US territory) than I was with the reverse of Rev and Sunshine pulling . The last 20 minutes of Miracle are expected to be kept in the Library of Congress as an actual representation of that historic night in Lake Placid.

Movie poster = Miracle.

Sport = Remember the Titans

Film = Miracle. This one was near but it is Miracle. Remember the Titans have Probably no more surveillance over a 30-day period in solitary confinement, but Miracle eventually hits harder. Denzel is at the peak of his performance, but Herb Brooks was a better character to portray. Russell had a huge advantage. And the quality sports is just a lot better in Miracle. These guys can skate and finish. It was not a show of dogs and ponies. They were good fucking actors.

Maybe I’m wrong but maybe I just think it was a better movie. It’s my two cents. Use the comments section below to politely discuss what I missed.


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