Residents worried about the construction of the Binghamton fire station


People who live near the site of the future headquarters of the Binghamton Fire Department say town officials have kept them updated on the project.

Residents of Pine Street complain that they were not allowed to comment on the potential impact of the project or how it would change the neighborhood.

Some who live closest to the construction site say things have fallen off the shelves because of the vibrations caused by the pile driving.

Construction work underway at the site of the future Binghamton Fire Department headquarters on September 7, 2021. (Photo: Bob Joseph / WNBF News)

Ethan Bexley said everything in his apartment was shaking from the construction. He sometimes said he had to “sit in my closet to have Skype calls for work.”

Bexley provided a video to WNBF News showing a noise measurement app that displayed 104 decibels when construction was in progress at the site in front of his building.

Mayor Richard David said Thursday “there’s always a better chance we can do it” by providing residents with details in advance of a major project.

Speaking on WNBF Binghamton now program, David acknowledged that when people are “affected on a daily basis during a construction project, it can be frustrating at times.”

Although there may be inconveniences during the works, the mayor said that “construction is synonymous with progress”.

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