‘Santa Evita’ tells the story of Eva Perón’s corpse, Beyoncé releases her 7th solo album, ‘The Gilded Age’ hits home theaters


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SHARE IT: Saint Evita tells the incredible story of Eva Perón

The Salma Hayek executive produced this Hulu series based on the 1995 novel of the same name, written by the late Argentinian journalist Tomas Eloy Martinez. Although fictional, much of it is also based on fact, so even though Argentina’s beloved first lady died in 1952 at age 33, her story has continued ever since. body was not immediately buried. When her husband was overthrown by military leaders three years after his death, they confiscated his body and it was moved again and again before finally being buried. Another complication: her embalmer made several replicas of her body, which looked so much like the original that even he didn’t know which one was actually her. As Hayek explained, the show also explores four other time periods, including Perón’s youth and long after he was gone, when a reporter begins digging into exactly what happened to his dead body. —Raechal Shewfelt

Saint Evita premieres Tuesday, July 26 on Hulu.

SHARE IT: super bad‘s McLovin obtains guidance counselor status in honor society

Teenagers… they grow up so fast. Just 15 years ago, Christopher Mintz-Plasse became the star child of fake IDs as a super badthe escape scene thief, McLovin. Now the 33-year-old actor is advising other high school students about their future in honor society, a new comedy that will premiere on Paramount+ on July 29. Mintz-Plasse plays a goofy guidance counselor whose recommendation carries enormous weight with the Ivy League school freshman Honor (Angourie Rice) hopes to attend. But she has fierce competition in the form of Michael (stranger things star Gaten Matarazzo), who also has big college dreams. Honor takes it upon herself to eliminate Michael from the race, but it goes without saying that sparks fly between this odd couple. Don’t ask Councilman McLovin to buy the drinks for the evening after the ball. — Ethan Alter

honor society premieres Friday, July 29 Paramount+.

STREAM IT: Zoey Deutch is A-OK in social media age satire Not good

Talk about your influencers. Zoey Deutch stars as a future Instagram star in Quinn Shephard’s second feature, which sees our current era of social media through a yellowish lens. Seeking to expand his online footprint, Danni Sanders (Deutch) organizes a trip to Paris for a writer’s retreat without leaving his apartment. But when real tragedy strikes in the form of a terrorist attack on French soil, Danni must maintain the illusion that she’s a trauma survivor – and discovers a whole new fanbase in the process. A cross between Election and The social network, Not good takes a sharp turn into more serious territory in its third act, but the satirical Insta celebrity send-off sounds spot-on. This exclusive clip features Danni using every digital tool at her disposal to fake it until she makes it. — EA

Not good premieres Friday, July 29 Hulu.

WATCH IT: HBO’s lavish period drama Golden age shines on dvd

Downton Abbey mastermind Julian Fellowes imports his flair for England’s gloriously goofy period soap opera to America for HBO’s addictive 19th century drama, Golden age. Set in New York City during the height of the eponymous era of conspicuous consumerism, the show follows a pair of Old Money and New Money families – and their assorted minions – as they face a host of conflicts, from the diaries of snobby society to would-be lovers who might have dastardly ulterior motives. All 9 episodes from the show’s first year are now available on DVD, alongside a host of featurettes. This exclusive clip from one of the making-of documentaries features Peggy Scott and the black elite world that existed in the shadow of the Golden Age. — EA

Golden age will be available Tuesday, July 26 on DVD at most major retailers, including Amazon.

HEAR: Beyoncé’s renaissance is upon us once again

Beyoncé Knowles hasn’t been idle since 2016 — she performed ‘Beychella’ and released the accompanying concert film Back home; recorded joint album all is love with husband Jay-Z; and published the Lion King accompanying soundtrack The Lion King: The Gift and visual album black is king, among other companies. But incredibly, 2016 was the last year she released a official Solo LP, the surprise release Lemonade. This time the Beyhive got a bit more notice, with Queen B’s seventh album Renaissance dropping July 29, about six weeks after Beyoncé’s announcement. While the record is said to cover everything from pop to country, the first single released several weeks ago, “Break My Soul”, has a strong influence from 90s house music. is Bey’s most club banger in years – co-produced by his “Single Ladies” collaborators Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, featuring bouncy New Orleans diva Big Freedia and sampling the 1993 house classic of Robin S. “Show Me Love”. Other dancetastic collaborators on the tracklist Beyoncé posted on social media include Drake, the Neptunes, Skrillex, Nile Rodgers, Raphael Saadiq, Honey Dijon, Odd Future’s Syd, Hit-Boy and Giorgio Moroder. — Lyndsey Parker

Renaissance of Beyoncé is available Friday, July 29 to download/stream on .

PLAY IT: star wars and The Great British Patisserie show two tastes of board games that taste great together

The Great British Baking Fair: The Game (Photo: Courtesy of Ravensburger)

Can you smell what Ravensburger is…cooking? The beloved British reality series The great British pastry fair gets a tabletop edition which is a real treat for fans. The fast-paced game tasks 2-4 bakers with recreating recipes ranging from Jammy Dodgers to Lava Cake on their Bake deck, assembling the correct cards as quickly as possible. Rack up enough points to be declared a Star Baker, while avoiding ending up with a Soggy Bottom. The board game giant is also expanding its offer Infamous franchise to George Lucas’ galaxy far, far away with power of the dark sidewhere you can play as iconic star wars villain – including Darth Vader and his grandson, Kylo Ren – and foil the efforts of those pesky Rebels and Resistance fighters to spoil your evil plans. Don’t be like that killjoy Luke: join the dark side already! — EA

The Great British Baking Fair: The Game and Star Wars: Villainous (Dark Side Power) are available on Sunday July 31 on Target.

HEAR: Amanda Shires takes it like Amanda

As singer-songwriter, activist, member of the supergroup Highwomen and protege of John Prine, Amanda Shires reaches a milestone birthday, she releases her most personal album to date, Take it like a man. “I want people to know that it’s okay to be a 40-year-old woman and to be more than just a character in someone else’s life,” she said in a statement. . No aspect of her life, including her marriage to fellow American artist Jason Isbell, is overlooked – and the result is a stunning and significant body of work. — LP

Take it like a man by Amanda Shires is available Friday, July 29 to download/stream on .

SHARE IT: Street food: United States comes with a dose of culture

As many culinary fairs as there are, we can always use another good one. Here, the creators of Chef’s table, who have previously brought audiences editions of the same show from Asia and Latin America, offer a look at some of the most casual – and delicious – food on the streets of this country. They will stop in Los Angeles, New York, New Orleans, Miami, Portland and Oahu to visit the chefs, yes, but also the people who devour the dishes. The trailer teases that viewers will watch food porn, of course, but also particularly touching stories, as those creating the delight share how they’ve been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. —RS

Street food: United States is available Tuesday, July 26 on Netflix.

HEAR: Maggie Rogers leans on her past life

Abandonmentthe long-awaited sequel to Maggie Rogers’ 2019 debut Heard in a past life, finds the Best New Artist Grammy nominee and Pharrell Williams protege getting darker, grungier and more experimental, expanding her sonic palette with layered synthesizers, heavy guitar and percussive elements; the result is a sound that Rogers described as “wild joy”. We have a feeling there will be more Grammy nominations in the future from this gifted singer-songwriter. —LP

Abandonment by Maggie Rogers is available Friday, July 29 to download/stream on .

PLAY IT: take Playmobil Knight Rider playset for a ride before the show’s 40th anniversary

Playmobil's Knight Rider set brings the classic TV car to life.  (Photo: Courtesy of Playmobil)

Playmobil’s Knight Rider set brings the classic TV car to life. (Photo: Courtesy of Playmobil)

Forty years ago, Knight Rider made a generation of kids believe they could drive… a talking car. David Hasselhoff may have been the human face of the 1982 action series, but the real star was KITT, the artificial intelligence automobile (voiced by William Daniels) who helps the Hoffs fight evil. In honor of the show’s anniversary, Playmobil is immortalizing KITT in plastic form with a fun, buildable 53-piece set that includes electronic sounds and lights, plus classic quotes from the show. — EA

Playmobil’s Knight Rider Playset is now available on the official Playmobil website.


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