Save $ 1,000 on this Refurbished Apple MacBook Computer


Do you want to increase your productivity in 2022? Whatever your resolutions, having the right technology can make your daily to-do list a lot smoother. Stay organized and make sure you achieve all your goals, both personal and professional, with the help of one of the most beloved desktops on the market, the Apple iMac.

If all of those holiday gifts left a big hole in your wallet, don’t worry. You can still enjoy all the great features of the Apple iMac without the hefty price tag, thanks to a refurbished model. In fact, you can get one for a massive 54% reduction, saving you over $ 1,000, with this refurbished Apple iMac 27 ″ Core i5 2.9 GHz 16 GB RAM 1 TB SATA HD. , on sale now for $ 857.99.

Yes, for less than the price of a MacBook, you can get an Apple iMac all-in-one. This desktop PC comes in Apple’s sleek aluminum case, and it includes everything you need from a desktop PC – without any of the annoying wires, loose monitors, and a PC tower. You will also benefit from Apple’s amazing operating system, so besides looking great, it will also perform great.

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At 27 inches, you’ll be able to watch your favorite content in impressive detail, with a native resolution of 2560 × 1440. The Intel Core i5 lets you multitask with ease, while the Radeon HD 6770M lets you browse, stream or play without any delay and with excellent clarity. Need to store files? You’ll have more than enough space with the impressive 1TB SATA. Ethernet and Wi-Fi capability let you go online flexibly, wired or wireless.

Along with getting the iMac, you’ll also receive the tools you’ll need to get up and running – a refurbished mouse, keyboard, DVD drive, and 1TB external drive. And you can rest assured that everything is like new because this model has an “A” grade remanufacture rating.

Get this Apple iMac 27 ″ Core i5 2.9 GHz 16 GB RAM 1 TB SATA HD for just $ 857.99, saving you over $ 1,000 for a limited time.

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