Sing 2 DVD and 4K Blu-ray Release Dates Officially Announced for March 2022

Sing 2 dvd release date

Sing 2 is almost ready to add to your DVD and Blu-ray library. As of this writing, pre-orders for the release are available.

Sing’s sequel was a huge hit with kids and parents alike. It was exactly what we were looking for and more, and you’ll be adding it to your DVD collection in no time. Kids will want to watch it repeatedly.

Some of the original film’s most beloved characters make a triumphant return. On top of that, our cheerful koala has some exciting new additions to the show.

The good news keeps coming. Final release date. Comparing this release to others from the same company, it was hard to predict what to expect.

Sing 2 DVD and Blu-ray release date:

Mark March 29 on your calendar. The DVD or Blu-ray will be yours at this point. Pre-orders of Sing 2 on DVD and Blu-ray can be placed now to guarantee the lowest possible price.

Regardless of the pre-order price, the Price Guarantee ensures you won’t be disappointed. Prior to the release date, you will be able to purchase the album for whatever it currently sells elsewhere.

Is a digital edition planned? Rental of the film on Digital is now available; however, buying the movie is not. If you want to watch a movie before you commit to buying it on DVD, renting it is a great option. However, you will not be able to bring it home.

It is unknown when Sing 2 will be released on Digital, but it is expected to be in the near future. DVD and Blu-ray releases are normally a few weeks ahead of the theatrical release. Hopefully we can get it when the DVD comes out. Due to the bundles, the digital version should be ready by then.

Sing 2 Plot:

Buster Moon’s new theater thrives sometime after the events of the previous film. But Suki, a talent scout, warns him that he won’t make it in Redshore City. Buster, inspired by Nana Noodleman, rounds up the contestants from the first film and takes them to town.

They snuck in for an audition with Jimmy Crystal. To woo Crystal, Gunter puts on a space-themed event featuring songs by renowned rock artist Clay Calloway, who hasn’t been seen in 15 years. Crystal approves of the program, thinking Calloway would be on it, and tells them to get it up and running in three weeks.

sing 2 dvd conspiracy
sing 2 dvd conspiracy

Due to her fear of heights during rehearsals, Rosita is unable to maintain her role and is replaced by Crystal’s daughter, Porsha, who is relegated to a small role. Meanwhile, Johnny’s role in the play forces him to work with top choreographer Klaus Kickenklober, who dislikes him due to his inability to dance. Johnny meets Nooshy, a street dancer who volunteers to help him. Ms. Meena was placed in a love scene with Mr. Darius, an egocentric actor. In the end, she marries an ice cream vendor named Alfonso.

Ash and Buster go to Clay Calloway to get him on board. Initially, Ash resists, but Ash relents. Backstage, Buster asks Porsha if she wants to swap roles with Rosita because she can’t perform. Porsha thinks Buster fired her. Then she locks Buster in a closet and threatens to throw him out of his apartment building. So Suki releases Buster and advises him to flee before Crystal kills him. Ash comes with the team and Calloway, who warns Buster not to leave like he did after losing his wife, Ruby. Buster then has the cast and crew perform the performance behind Crystal’s back, while Johnny brings in his father and his band to keep Crystal and her thugs out.

During the show, a jealous Klaus replaces Johnny’s performance partner, but Johnny defeats Klaus with help from Nooshy, earning Klaus respect. Porsha performs an energetic song and dance sequence, winning the crowd’s affection despite her father’s attempts to stop her. Meena sings a passionate duet with Darius as Alfonso. The concert is interrupted when Crystal knocks Buster off the stage, forcing Rosita to overcome her phobia of heights and save Buster. Once on stage, Calloway declares that he is not ready. Ash leads the crowd in a version of a Calloway song, aided by a guest appearance from his wife.

Suki has Crystal arrested for her crimes after the program. Suki interrupts Buster and his buddies as they prepare to leave, telling them that a famous theater wants to stage their act. Buster, happy with his success in Redshore City, watches the actors perform from the VIP section.

Voice distribution:

    • Matthew McConaughey plays Buster Moon, a koala who owns the New Moon Theater and is very optimistic about his business.
    • Reese Witherspoon plays Rosita, a slut who gave up her teenage dreams of becoming a singer to become a housewife and mother of 25 piglets. She now goes back and forth quickly between the two jobs.
    • In this film, Scarlett Johansson plays a teenage porcupine punk rock guitarist named Ash, and Taron Egerton plays Johnny, a teenager who left his father’s criminal gang to become a singer and pianist.
    • During the film, Bobby Cannavale plays Jimmy Crystal, who is a media mogul and a wolf. Crystal Entertainment is run by him and his company.
    • Tori Kelly plays Meena, a young elephant with a beautiful voice who has overcome stage fright in the past.
    • It has Nick Kroll as Gunter, who is very enthusiastic about dancing, as well as Pharrell Williams as Alfonso, an elephant who also sells frozen yogurt. Meena falls in love with him.
    • Halsey played Porsha Crystal, a wolf and the spoiled but talented daughter of Jimmy Crysta, who was killed in the film.
    • A canine assistant and talent scout named Suki Lane played by Chelsea Peretti in the film.
    • In the film, Nooshy is played by Letitia Wright. He is a resourceful lynx who helps Johnny regain his confidence by learning to dance.
    • In the play, Eric André plays Darius, a selfish yak who is paired with Meena in a romantic duet and has a crush on her.
    • Adam Buxton plays Klaus Kickenklober, a monkey with a trunk who is also a dance teacher. Johnny learns to dance with Klaus. Buxton also voices Stan, a gorilla who is part of Big Daddy’s gang and is also played by Buxton.
    • Garth Jennings plays Miss Crawly, an old iguana with a glass eye who works as Buster’s secretary.
    • As Big Daddy, Peter Serafinowicz played Johnny’s father, a gorilla who worked for the mob and was on the loose from work. He came to Redshore City to help Johnny and his friends after the events of the first movie.
    • Jennifer Saunders plays Nana Noodleman, a sheep who is also a famous singer. She tells Buster to pursue his dreams, and he does.
    • In this film, Nick Offerman plays a pig named Norman, and Bono plays Rosita’s workaholic husband, Bono. Clay Calloway, the old white-maned lion, was once a rock legend until his wife died.
    • Julia Davis plays Linda Le Bon. He’s an animal and a talk show host, and Jimmy tells him about Buster and what he’s done.

Spike Jonze plays Jerry, a cat who is Jimmy’s personal assistant but is not named in the film. It’s Vida Alves McConaughey, the daughter of Matthew McConaughey, who voices a piglet that gets chocolate all over the place. Edgar Wright voices a dog cop and a pig driver in the film, just like in the first. Wes Anderson and Edgar Wright both have cameos in the film.

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