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We had fun with steak stories, asking, “How far can you go?”

But here’s a steak comment that I doubt can be outdated and should end the whole topic:

Marsha R., of Baton Rouge, said: “As the waiter was placing my steak in front of me, he looked at me and said, ‘I’ve seen cows worse than that get up and walk away. ‘”

Nothing better than being at home

As we celebrate the seafood delights of Louisiana, we shouldn’t forget that other parts of the country can also dish out fine fish dishes.

I’ve had memorable seafood dinners from Boston to San Francisco, and in South Carolina I found “Low Country Boil” fun and tasty.

Our contributor TW agrees — with one exception:

“While visiting my mom in Hilton Head, SC, we decided to head to Tybee Island, Savannah, to eat at The Crab Shack, famous for its casual al fresco dining and huge seafood platters. Low Country Sea – shrimp, king crab legs, mussels, sausage, potatoes, corn and… crawfish.

“Having been there once before, I asked if we could substitute the crayfish for extra prawns. I was told there was no substitution.

“I tried two crayfish, without comment, then ate the other delicious seafood and sides with pleasure.

“When I asked what the non-Louisiana folks at the table thought of the crawfish, they all gave a thumbs up — even my mom, who has seen many Baton Rouge crawfish boils.

“I then let them know that they had served us the dirtiest, most tasteless crayfish ever.”

The moral here is: beware of crawfish served anywhere outside of South Louisiana.

Unhappy returns

We’ve had comments about our story of the Chest of Hope going back and forth as a young couple parted ways, then reunited.

Nancy C. Van Den Akker recounts a similar experience, but without the chest:

“The story of the ‘travelling hope chest’ reminded me of my sister, when she was dating my future brother-in-law.

“Occasionally, she would rush up the stairs to her bedroom with a cardboard box, which she placed on the porch.

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“Soon after, there was a roar as he pulled his little Porsche into the driveway, swapped his cardboard box for his and roared away.

“We knew that they had argued and that they exchanged everything that one had received from the other.

“They were married for 40 years until he passed away. He followed her a few months later, so now they’re together again.”

better together

The story above reminds me of:

When Lady Katherine and I started dating, she had just bought a new television. I only had a tiny post-divorce television, but I had a DVD player, which was quite new at the time.

We combined them at her house, across from mine, and enjoyed that combination, mostly while watching rental movies.

When we had our first argument, I came home from work to find the DVD player in the middle of my bed.

I started laughing, because I was now without a decent television and she without a DVD player.

I took the player to her house and reported it, which made her laugh too.

It was pretty much the last fight we ever had.

Special Persons Department

– Russell Rudolph, of Kenner, celebrated his 99th birthday on Sunday, July 31. He is a veteran of the US Army Air Corps, serving at bases in England, Belgium and Germany.

– Ronnie and Pat Domas, of Baton Rouge, celebrate their 59th birthday on Wednesday, August 3.

The player

Russ Wise of LaPlace is one of those people who “occasionally invest in a Mega Millions ticket, knowing that the odds are around 300 million to 1.

“I’ve also been known to enter Publisher’s Clearing House online sweepstakes, where the odds are 6 billion, 200 million to 1! But damn it, it’s free.”


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