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It was quite a strange week. Strange things were happening everywhere.

I knew it was going to be weird. Driving home Sunday night last week and heading west through Faribault County, the remnants of the sunset shone in the west, while in my rearview mirror a huge full harvest moon rose.

It is always a sign that many strange things are about to happen or are already happening.

Let me give you a few examples.

The Minnesota Vikings looked like superstars capable of beating any team for most of the first half of their game against Chicago. Then, in the second half, it looked like they couldn’t beat a high school team.

Yet, very strangely, the Vikings retired him late in the game, are 4-1, and sit atop NFC Central.


The Blue Earth Area Buccaneers also performed a miracle at the end of their game against Maple River.

I mean really. Eight tenths of a second on the clock and they get a victory from behind? You have to admit that this doesn’t happen every day of the week.

How about 80+ degrees on Tuesday and colder than any Wednesday? Pretty weird if you ask me, but actually, I guess that’s sort of normal for Minnesota.

How about the strange story of two steers “to escape” Blue Earth Locker?

It’s true. They paused, broke through the chain-link fence at the fairgrounds, drove through the town campground, followed the Blue Earth River, crossed under Route 169, and ended up in Steinberg Park. The two were eventually located.

You have to call it just a little weird, don’t you? It does, however, remind me of a true story from years ago in a town called Tyler.

An ox was being unloaded at the Tyler Locker in the dead of winter when it ran away to freedom.

Both the locker parking lot and the street it was on were covered in snow.

One of the locker owners grabbed the runaway steer’s tail and was pulled, standing, through the parking lot and down the street, looking like waterskiing in the summer.

One of the locals who lived across the street saw it all and said to me: “It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Now for one last weird thing. Well, maybe not so strange, because it’s just very different.

It seems there is a nail polish color called “Blue Earth, MN.” I’m not kidding, it’s not just named Blue Earth, but Blue Earth, MN.

It is made by a company called DND Daisy Nail Products, located on East Palma Avenue in Anaheim, California. You know, the home of Disneyland.

So, I thought I would call them and ask them how they came to have a nail polish called Blue Earth MN.

The nice person I finally succeeded with said simply that she didn’t really know why.

He was nominated by a former employee about five years ago. He named many nail polish colors after geographic locations, such as Red Box Canyon, Orange County CA, or Smokey Mountains Grey.

He probably found Blue Earth, Minnesota, on a map, or Googled it, she surmised. She was pretty sure he wasn’t from Blue Earth or had never been here.

I thanked her for her time, but was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more to the story.

She mentioned that it was a very popular color and they ship a lot of it to nail salons all over the country.

Another weird part of this story is that I was alerted to Blue Earth MN nail polish by two movie producers in California.

OK, that was Bryan Simon and former Blue Earth resident Marjorie Engesser. I did some stories about their books and the movies they produced.

In fact, a movie Bryan directed in 2000 has now been released on DVD. It is called “On the way for the ride” a story about a car, two brothers, a dead father and baseball.

I guess it’s a little, you know… weird. And probably quite good.


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