Stranger Things Season 4 Easter Eggs and Reference Guide


VHS Classics

Robin wants Steve to watch Doctor Zhivago with her, but Steve avoids movies on “double VHS”. Since most standard-play VHS tapes were between 120 and 160 minutes long, the 1966 film’s 3-hour runtime would have necessitated a tape change at some point, a thankless procedure in the pre-DVD era of 80 years.

Family Video is well stocked with the classics of its time, however, from Tom Hanks’ first film The man with the red shoehorror schlock basket caseand with prominent displays for major rental locations like Gremlins, The Raiders of the Lost Arkand National Lampoon’s European Vacation.


In the aftermath of their basketball win and the festivities that followed, the team wakes up to news of the murder, but Jason prefers to watch. Thundercatsa classic Saturday morning cartoon that had just debuted in September 1985. Jason was ahead of the curve!

misfits of science

One of Max’s flashbacks in this episode shows her watching television when a young pre-Friends Courtney Cox appears on screen. Max was probably watching misfits of science, a one-season wonder in 1985-86 in which Cox played a telekinetic girl named Gloria. Very similar to Eleven!

Reef Rick

Robin is able to track down Reefer Rick through his rental history at the video store. The list includes not only the aforementioned items Fast times at Ridgemont High but also several Cheech and Chong films, most of which were known for their weed-centric stories. The couple had just released their last film together in 1985, get out of my roombut they would still be popular among 80s stoners.

Michael Myers

Eddie Munsen’s father compares Victor Creel to Michael Myers of Halloweenthe 1979 film which already had two sequels in 1986. Its comparison is ironic given that Creel is played by actor Robert Englund, famous for playing Freddy Krueger in freddieanother horror franchise from the 80s.


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