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The Manistee County Library has six locations to serve clients across the county. The website has hours of operation and an online catalog. Our staff wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and look forward to helping you. shows that the only reference to a weeklong party including members of the Wampanoag tribe and settlers in Plymouth, Massachusetts was in 1620. This information was found in a letter from Edward Winslow, a settler English.

• “Thanksgiving: Biography of an American Holiday” by James Baker provides historical context for the holidays.

• Children can enjoy “Thanksgiving” by David Marx. The food for this holiday would have included seafood, game, poultry, and fruits and vegetables from the first harvest.

• Today, our Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in many ways. To kick off the party, Ina Garten’s “Make It Ahead: a Barefoot Contessa Cookbook” offers recipes with schedules to better prepare for the holiday season. It also includes many Thanksgiving recipes.

• “Beautiful Boards: 50 Amazing Snack Boards For Any Occasion” by Maegan Brown will enhance snacks during Macy’s famous Thanksgiving Day Parade and football game. Learn how to create visual food displays with a wide variety of ingredients.

• “Dips and Spreads: 46 Gorgeous and Good-For-You Recipes” by Dawn Yanagihara lets you whip up tasty and healthy options inspired by other cultures.

• “The Harvest Baker: Sweet and savory pastries made from fresh vegetables and herbs” by Ken Haedrich is a wonderful resource for all kinds of delicious treats. By combining fresh ingredients with staples like cheese and sausage, you’ll find many new favorites among these recipes.

• “Wild Game Instant Pot Cookbook: Simple and Delicious Ways to Prepare Game, Turkey, Pheasant, Duck & Other Small Game” by Beverly Hudson is a treasure trove of ideas no matter what. what the hunter brings home. With ideas for any meal, starters, soups or entrees, this book allows the cook to create quick, easy and tasty meals.

• Since football has become a Thanksgiving staple for many, these titles will illustrate the importance of the game in our culture. Michael Oriard’s “Art of Football: The Early Game in the Golden Age of Illustration” compiles the first illustrations that provide a history of the game. Using images by artists Winslow Homer and Frederic Remington, among others, the reader will see how football developed as a grueling spectator sport.

• “The Games That Changed the Game: The Evolution of the NFL in Seven Sundays” by Ron Jaworski, David Plaut, Greg Cosell and Steve Sabol examines the development of professional football through interviews with coaches and players.

• Thanksgiving is a great time for hunters to get out into the woods. The Manistee County Library has many titles with tips for beginners and more experienced hunters. “! An Introduction to Archery Deer Hunting ”by Michael DiLorenzo is exactly what young hunters need. Following Jonny on his first stag season outing, kids are introduced to the patience and skills needed to be a successful archery hunter. • “Deer Hunting” by Sloan Macrae provides great advice for novice rifle and bow hunters.

• The “Wilderness Ridge” series includes “Turkey Hunt Tradition”, “Duck Hunting Dreams” by Monica Roe, “Trophy Buck” and “Lure of the Lake” by Art Coulson. These stories tell about the skills needed to be successful in the outdoors.

• More experienced hunters can find plenty of advice in “Ambusshing Trophy Whitetails: Tactical Systems for Big Buck Success” by John Trout, Jr ..

• In “Pro Tactics: Whitetail Hunting: Expert Strategies and Techniques for a Successful Hunt”, Bob Humphrey shares his experience and knowledge on equipment, spotting and weapons.

• At the end of Thanksgiving, families can enjoy watching a movie together like “Open Season,” the story of a domesticated bear who meets a mule deer in search of adventure. Join the unlikely friends as they attempt to outsmart the hunters and take back the woods. It’s on DVD.

• “Escanaba in Da Moonlight” on DVD takes place in the Upper Peninsula. The eldest son is the only member of the family who has not drawn any money. To change his luck, he tries to change family traditions to achieve hilarious results.

• “An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving” on DVD finds a widow struggling to make ends meet. To help, her daughter contacts her ex-grandmother for help.

• “Draft Day” on DVD is the story of a general manager who must quickly decide the fate of hundreds of young men as he makes choices for the NFL.

• “Friday Night Lights” on DVD delves into high school football and the obsession it can become.

• Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to show gratitude for all the good things in our life. Children can enjoy “Grace’s Thanksgiving” by Lisa Bullard. Grace makes a list of things she’s grateful for and explores how people celebrate the holiday.

• “The Thankful Book” by Todd Parr focuses on the many blessings that can be found in everyday life.

• “Annie and Snowball and the Thankful Friends” by Cynthia Rylant tells the story of a girl who cooks her Thanksgiving dinner.


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