The Dexter Revival and More Coming to DVD and Blu-ray This Week


It’s a new Tuesday coming, which means more movies and TV shows are heading to DVD and Blu-ray. Here is a preview of the March 22, 2022 list.

The new week brings big releases on DVD and Blu-ray. However, there are not many new features this week. It’s definitely a case of quality over quantity.

Dexter: new blood is definitely going to be the biggest release for a lot of people. It was the short revival series of a much-loved crime drama. Michael C. Hall returned as the main character, and he resumed years after the series finale. It was time to see what Dexter’s life was like after he went into hiding.

Nightmare Alley, Dr Death, and more

For those who crave horror, alley of nightmares is one of the other big DVD and Blu-ray releases this week. Bradley Cooper stars as a young man with a knack for manipulating others. When he falls in love with a charming psychiatrist, his whole world is about to change. Will the hunter become the prey?

Joshua Jackson mini-series Dr. Death received high praise. Now is the time to add it to your DVD collection. This is one of the releases of this week. Jackson plays the role of a spine surgeon far more arrogant than he should be. It turns out that his reckless actions led to the paralysis and death of many patients. His secrets are about to come out before he is a danger to the other patients.

It’s all coming to DVD and Blu-ray this week

It’s a quiet week. There are only four current versions, but they are excellent.

  • Dexter: new blood
  • Dr. Death
  • For the love of money
  • alley of nightmares

What DVD and Blu-ray releases are you getting this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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