The forgotten Pontiac concept car that still looks futuristic today


The Pontiac Pursuit concept may not have entered production, but much of the technology it featured is common on modern vehicles. Pursuit’s technology has gone far beyond the space-age steering wheel and its control buttons. One of the standout features that “probably would be possible in 10 years” when the Pursuit was designed is the GPS system. GPS is still one of the most useful features of any vehicle. Instead of navigating through a road atlas, writing down complex directions, and inevitably getting lost, just write down where you want to go, and your GPS will keep you going.

Even cheap vehicles tend to have a built-in navigation system these days, but even if you’re driving a used car with a tape deck where your GPS should be, your smartphone is capable of doing the job just as well. . Drive-by-wire is also an option on some modern cars. You might think EVs have things like cable steering by default, but not all do. Not even Teslas currently use a steer-by-wire system, although the company is working to implement one. Four-wheel steering is even less common, but still available on a good range of vehicles, including Chevrolet’s all-electric Silverado.

Some of the Pontiac’s “futuristic” technologies are currently obsolete, such as the car’s built-in entertainment system. Although some vehicles still have built-in monitors and an optional DVD player, it’s 2022 and iPads are probably a cheaper option if you want to entertain your passengers. The built-in entertainment is more of a “15-year-old” thing than something you’ll notice on a car of the future.


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