The Last of Us Remake Release Date Confirmed; Also in preparation for PC


[UPDATE] The Last of Us Remake Part I has just gone up for pre-order on PlayStation Direct. The game is rumored to launch on September 2 on PlayStation 5, but it won’t be available on PC on the same day. However, Naughty Dog has confirmed that it is also in development for PC. The game includes the Left Behind single-player DLC, but not the Factions multiplayer mode.

The Last of Us Remake Could Release This Year – Rumor

You can check out the first trailer here. There are also some new screenshots below.

Enjoy a total overhaul of the original experience, faithfully reproduced but incorporating modernized gameplay, improved controls and expanded accessibility options. Plus, feel immersed with enhanced effects and enhanced exploration and combat.

[ORIGINAL STORY] The remake of The Last of Us, which has not yet been revealed, will not only be released on PlayStation 5 this year, but also on PC.

Speaking on his GrubSnax podcast, well-known insider Jeff Grubb, who previously spoke about the unannounced remake releasing this year, said, commenting a recent rumor from an anonymous source, that the game coming out this year on PC and PlayStation 5 is consistent with what he heard. Unfortunately, it is not yet known when this game will be officially unveiled.

According to the aforementioned anonymous source, The Last of Us remake will be released on September 2 on PC and PlayStation 5. As no PlayStation exclusive games have ever been released simultaneously on PC and consoles, it will be interesting to see if the highly anticipated game will be the first.

As The Last of Us remake has yet to be announced, very little is known at this time. According to last year’s rumors, the game will not be a mere resolution and performance improvement.

While it would have been a lot of fun to see the world’s reaction to a surprise reveal of this project, Schreier’s report on what happened at PlayStation Studios recently spoiled it to some degree. I say to some degree because people seem to think it’s basically going to be in the vein of the remaster. Let’s not blow expectations out of the water by making too much noise, but it won’t be a “mere” improvement in resolution, frame rate and textures. Kennel is really going to take advantage of the power and functionality of the PlayStation 5 with The Last of Us: Part II engine. Not just in terms of graphics, but a few other things as well.

The Last of Us remake is rumored to release this year on PC and PlayStation 5. We’ll update you on that as soon as others post, so stay tuned for all the latest news.


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