The National Conference on Conservatism


NatCon 3 is the third national conference on conservatism, a gathering of thought leaders from the conservative movement to discuss ways to advance these ideas for better solutions to America’s dilemmas. I spoke with two of the keynote speakers, Senator Rick Scott from Florida and a young journalist, Amber Athey.

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The real story of the January 6 documentary102 Minutes, Color

“The True Story of January 6,” an Epoch Times documentary, reveals the truth that has been kept from the American people. While a narrative has been established that what happened that day was an insurrection, key events and witnesses have so far been ignored.

Many think they know what happened on January 6th. The MSM, Big Tech and Big Government hid images they didn’t want you to see. So, The Epoch Times spent more than a year investigating the events of January 6 and created a documentary film revealing the whole truth! Once you experience this movie, you will never forget it!

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When we speak as one people, brave, freedom-loving Americans can be more powerful than Big Government and Big Tech. We hope you’ll share our documentary and encourage millions more to see it too. Look. To share. Repeat.


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