The Untold Truth of Detective Conan


While it’s primarily about Shinichi’s quest to return to his adult self, “Detective Conan” also features an ever-growing supporting cast, each fleshed out and with their own unique stories, characteristics, and goals. Ran, for example, is more than the obligatory love interest: she’s a powerful karate champion who comes close to discovering Conan’s secret several times in the series. Conan’s friends in elementary school – Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, and Genta – are kindred spirits who call themselves the Detective Boys, showing an aptitude for solving mysteries that has proven invaluable to the police on some occasions.

There’s also Hattori Heiji, who started out as Shinichi’s rival but eventually became one of his most trusted allies. Ai Haibara, the scientist who created APTX 4869 (the experimental poison that shrunk Shinichi) and used it on herself to escape the Black Organization, causing her to turn into a child as well; Shuichi Akai, a mysterious FBI agent with unrivaled sniper skills; and Masumi Sera, a high school detective who may have discovered Conan’s true identity.

Even the villains of this series are compelling. The Black Organization is a group that operates in the shadows and each of its members has a code name based on an alcoholic beverage. Gin is one of his deadliest agents, often accompanied by his partner Vodka. Vermouth is a master of disguise who knows of Shinichi’s existence as Conan, while Bourbon is an incredibly skilled intelligence gatherer who is actually an undercover cop.


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