Third “Happy Death Day” still in the cards, teases Jason Blum


Blumhouse founder Jason Blum take from Twitter this weekend to answer questions from fans, and while most want to know more about Halloween ends, the happy day of the dead Franchising is always a popular topic.

In 2017, Christopher Landonit’s explosively fun happy day of the dead butchered the box office with $125 million, a whopping sum for a low-budget horror film. The following Happy Death Day 2U was quickly greenlit and released in 2019. This time it would only manage $64 million at the worldwide box office, which was considered a flop even though it was profitable (it’s ridiculous if you ask this writer ).

Happy Death Day 2U set the stage for a third and final film, but the sequel’s diminishing returns soon prevented it from coming to fruition. Instead, we got the wild and crazy body-swapping horror comedy Weird. It was a nice consolation prize. Still, horror fans clamor to see Jessica Rothe return as Tree in a third and final happy day of the dead.

Blum has been teasing Tree’s comeback for most of the past year and continued to do so this past weekend on social media. Asked about a third party happy day of the dead, Blum exclaimed, “Something is stirring. I will say that.

It’s not a guarantee but there are talks, at the very least.

“I have a plan,” Blum told Collider three months ago. “I’m not saying goodbye to happy day of the dead. I will say it like this.

Christopher Landon just wrapped production on we have a ghost for Netflix, perhaps the door has finally been opened for a conclusion to happy day of the dead?

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