Tokyo Revengers: 10 Harsh Realities of Going Back in Time


Tokyo avengers is an anime about a boy named Takemichi who gains the power to time travel after being pushed onto train tracks and nearly dying. He decides to use his power to prevent the people who are dear to him from dying.

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However, many things have hindered him throughout the series, which have made it difficult for him to achieve his goals. Of all the harsh realities Takemichi had to face on his time travel, these are easily the worst.

ten He had to go through bad things that happened to him again

Takemichi cries in Tokyo Revengers.

One of the worst things about going back in time was discovered early in the series. When Takemichi first went to the past, he and his friends were beaten up by Kiyomasa and his followers after trying to start a fight with second years. They felt like Takemichi’s cousin Masaru was their boss. After that, they were forced to participate in Kiyomasa’s fight club, forcing Takemichi to relive some of the most painful times of his youth.

9 He needed to befriend people who threatened to kill him

tokyo revengers mikey takemichi meets fight

During a fight between Takemichi and Kiyomasa, Mikey and Draken found out about the fight club Toman attended without their approval. Mikey defeated Kiyomasa and befriended Takemichi. While there are good things about being friends with Mikey, it didn’t mean much when he and Draken threatened Takemichi. This happened several times throughout the series, especially when Takemichi and Mikey made a deal that if Baji returned to Toman, Kisaki would be kicked out. Although Takemichi failed, Mikey did nothing to hurt him. However, the thought that he would die if he was wrong was stressing Takemichi out a lot.

8 He didn’t do his job, which got him fired


At the start of the anime, Takemichi worked at a DVD store. However, he was not a particularly good worker. He often forgot the tasks he was supposed to do and upset his boss. Things got even worse when he started time traveling. Because he spent so much time in the past, his future self couldn’t go to work like he was supposed to.

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When he finally returned to the DVD store, he was fired. While it impacted his life in the present, it thankfully didn’t matter much as he was much more often in the past.

seven He had to be careful not to reveal that he was from the future

tokyo revenge hina sherlock holmes

Takemichi slipped many times when it came to keeping his secret of being from the future away from those around him. For example, when he went to Hinata, she thanked him for saving Naoto from being bullied. The conversation led her to mention how Naoto wanted to become a policeman, and Takemichi revealed that his brother would eventually become one. He was able to laugh about it and change the subject, but he had to think carefully about what to say in front of people.

6 He accidentally came back to the present at a time he didn’t want

Takemichi and Naoto as adults in Tokyo Revengers

In order to move back and forth between present and past, Takemichi needed to shake Naoto’s hand, making Naoto a key part of his power. The first time they shook hands, Takemichi had no idea it would bring him back to the present. However, when it did, the two began to work together to figure out how they could save Hinata and anyone else Kisaki hurt.

Takemichi would return to the present shortly after accidentally shaking hands with Naoto when he wanted to hold Hinata’s while they were watching fireworks. The fact that it was the time travel method not only prevented Takemichi from going back and forth when he wanted to, but also made him look strange as he sometimes awkwardly wanted to shake young Naoto’s hand.

5 He found out his former best friend tried to kill him

tokyo revengers akkun suicide

Growing up, Akkun and Takemichi were very close. However, over the years they went their separate ways, with Akkun working for Kisaki. Takemichi gained his time travel powers after being pushed onto the train tracks and nearly died, but didn’t know Akkun was the one who pushed him until they reunited shortly after. . Akkun committed suicide after telling Takemichi that he was following Kisaki’s orders, and although it hurt Takemichi to find out what had happened to his old friend, he wanted to do everything he could to prevent it. Akkun to embark on this dark path.

4 He was to become the leader of Toman

tokyo revengers takemichi wish toman chief

In order to achieve everything he wanted, Takemichi had to become the leader of Toman, and if he failed, then Kisaki could continue hurting and killing his loved ones.

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However, Takemichi would have to go through a lot to become the leader of the gang, and despite saving Toman from self-destruction, no one thought he would be able to do it. He finally gained a powerful position within the gang at the end of the first season, but he had to go through a lot to get it, and it still didn’t help him as much as he hoped.

3 He had to accept that Kisaki joined Toman

tokyo revengers kisaki 3rd division captain

While Takemichi knew all the terrible things Kisaki would do in the future, no one else did. When Kisaki joined Toman as the captain of the Third Division, Takemichi was shocked and worried about what would happen to his loved ones. He ended up attacking Kisaki during the ceremony, and Toman quickly, but temporarily, backfired on him for this, despite having done much more for the gang than Kisaki. Knowing there was nothing he could do at the time, Takemichi had to agree to be comrades with the person who was responsible for the terrible things to come.

2 He didn’t know what happened in the past every time he changed the timeline

Worried Takemichi

Every time Takemichi changed things that happened in the past, he created a new timeline. However, he only remembered the past of the timeline he hailed from. Because of this, he was shocked to learn of things that happened to him in each timeline’s version in the past.

Takemichi could only remember a small part of what happened after being reminded of it, such as when Draken told him about what happened during Bloody Halloween or Hinata asking Takemichi why he had broken up with her when she was originally the one who ended their relationship. This led to Takemichi becoming overwhelmed with the changes he unknowingly made while having awkward conversations with his loved ones.

1 He had to bear the burden of knowing that if he failed in his mission, his loved ones might die.

Draken gets stabbed in Tokyo Revengers

What’s probably the harshest reality of back in time is that Takemichi could easily fail in his mission or make things even worse than they were in the first timeline. Whether it’s failing to stop things that would later result in tragedy, missing his chance to do something vital, or accidentally ruining things himself, failing in his mission would return everything he has. crossed completely useless. Not only does he have to undo the bad thing that happened in his own future, but he also has to make sure he doesn’t make things worse – something he has no way of knowing until he changes the things in the past.

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