Tokyo Revengers: 10 Ways Takemichi Changed The Timeline


Takemichi is the main character of Tokyo avengers. At the start of the anime, he travels back in time after nearly getting hit by a train. Realizing he could stop the deaths of his loved ones by going to the past, Takemichi does everything he can to save them by learning how his power works to prevent future tragedy.

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However, Takemichi alters the timeline in several ways besides saving people, which he isn’t even able to do as much as he hoped. From changing people’s careers to the relationships people have with each other, Takemichi changed the anime’s timeline in a number of ways.

ten Naoto becomes a policeman

Takemichi and Naoto as adults in Tokyo Revengers

In the original timeline, Naoto dies on the same day as Hinata. When Takemichi first goes back in time, he met a young Naoto and warned him of what would happen. Wanting to save himself and his sister, Naoto decides to become a policeman. As a result, he is able to save Takemichi from being hit by the train that would have killed him but revealed that Hinata was still dead. Takemichi and Mikey work together afterward in order to make sure they can save her and anyone else the evil version of Toman kills in the future.

9 Akkun never stabs Kiyomasa

tokyo revengers akkun friends forever

At the start of the series, Takemichi and his friends are forced to fight in Kiyomasa’s fight club. Akkun planned to stab Kiyomasa, and did so in the original timeline, which landed him in jail. However, Takemichi challenged Kiyomasa to a fight, which resulted in him becoming close friends with Mikey and Draken. Akkun became part of Toman’s upper echelon as a result. He ends up being very scared of Toman’s new leader, Kisaki. He follows all his orders and attempts to kill Takemichi, as well as himself.

8 Mikey and Draken become friends again after Pah’s arrest

tokyo revengers mikey draken arc apology

After Pah’s arrest, Mikey and Draken have completely different views on the situation. Mikey wants to save Pah while Draken wants to respect the decision Pah made. In the first timeline, they never became friends again.

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However, Takemichi being their friend, they both went to his house at the same time and both fight. Takemichi managed to get them to stop fighting and become friends again while proving to be a great friend to both of them.

seven Draken’s life is saved

Draken gets stabbed in Tokyo Revengers

Draken originally dies on August 3. While Takemichi thought he had stopped Draken’s death by making sure he and Mikey were friends again, he discovers that Kiyomasa, Peh, and the members of Moebius are still a threat to Draken’s life. Kiyomasa is even able to stab Draken. Takemichi desperately wants to save his friend and does everything he can to make sure he doesn’t die. By fighting Kiyomasa and making sure Draken gets to the hospital safely, Takemichi is able to save his life.

6 Kazutora Lives Beyond Bloody Halloween

tokyo revengers kazutora fear

Kazutora is another founding member of Toman whom Takemichi saves. Kazutora, Mikey, Draken, Baji, Mitsuya and Pah were childhood friends who formed Toman together. However, after Kazutora kills Mikey’s brother, he leaves the gang. Kazutora is originally supposed to be killed by Mikey in the Bloody Halloween after murdering Baji. However, hoping that this would stop his former friends from fighting and killing each other, Baji commits suicide. Mikey eventually lets Kazutora go and forgives him.

5 Members of Valhalla join Toman

Valhalla vs. Toman Tokyo Revengers

In the timeline where Mikey kills Kazutora, he falls into darkness, allowing Valhalla to take control of Toman. However, after Toman wins Bloody Halloween and Kazutora lives, Kisaki and Hanma decide that Valhalla will join Toman. The Toman members find out when Hanma goes to one of their meetings. Although they are confused at first, they are thrilled to learn that Toman has gained 300 more members. But little did they know that no matter how Bloody Halloween ended, they would all have played into Kisaki’s hands anyway.

4 Takemichi becomes Toman’s first division captain

Takemichi Hanagaki smiling

Baji is the original captain of the Toman Premier League. After his death, Chifuyu is supposed to take over. However, because Takemichi goes back in time, he is able to become close friends with Chifuyu.

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The two agree to help each other and Chifuyu decides that Takemichi should take Baji’s place as captain of the first division, and Mikey agrees. Takemichi wants to become the leader of Toman. By obtaining a prominent position in the gang, he is one step closer to achieving this goal.

3 Takemichi never has his job at the DVD store

The Avengers of Tokyo Hasegawa and Takemichi

When the series started, Takemichi felt like a loser, partly due to his hatred for his job. He works in a DVD store and is a bad employee. He even gets fired because he spends a lot of time in the past rather than going to work. However, because he becomes the captain of the Toman First Division, he never works at the DVD store. Although he visits the DVD store when he returns to the future at the end of the first season, he is a regular customer instead of an employee.

2 Takemichi becomes a Toman executive

Takemichi begs Kisaki to spare Chifuyu in Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi is very confused when he returns to the future in the last episode of Season 1, and not just because of the way he is treated at the DVD store. His appearance had changed, he had his own limo and a fancy house, and many foreigners respected him, doing whatever he wanted. Although he’s not sure what’s going on at first, he quickly learns that he’s become Toman’s top executive, with other members such as Kisaki, Pah, Yasuhiro, Nahoya by his side.

1 Chifuyu betrays Toman to avenge Baji.

tokyo revengers chifuyu gets killed by kisaki 1093

During a Toman executive meeting, Hanma reveals that some of their locations were raided by the police at the same time, meaning they have a traitor among them. When Kisaki asks to speak with Takemichi and Chifuyu privately, he confronts them about being the traitor. While Takemichi has no idea what was going on, Chifuyu confesses that he betrayed Toman to avenge Baji, something he had wanted to do for twelve years. Although he tells Kisaki that Takemichi had nothing to do with his betrayal, Kisaki fires them both.

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