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Rich Heldenfels Tribune Press Service

Not so long ago, a reader complained that contestants could keep playing for as long as they could win, instead asking for a limit on the number of wins. I thought players should play as long as they can win. Well, here’s some of the resulting mail:

“I like to watch the winners who keep winning. The Matt Amodios, James Holzhauers, and Ken Jennings are fun and exciting to watch. No time limit please.

“My friend and I discussed it and decided we were bored too. We are longtime viewers of “Jeopardy! And say that there should be a time limit for the competitors.

“As a veteran ‘Jeopardy!’ viewer, I think it’s boring when we go back to the ho-hum of two or three day wonders after races like Amodio, Holzhauer and Jennings.

“I don’t care how long a player stays at the top. What I would like to see is a return to more difficult questions. One of the things I loved about the show was that I always felt a little smarter after watching and really in awe of the brains playing. Nowadays, not so much.

“I agree with the person in your column today that ‘Jeopardy! Became boring. There is no competition. Just look at the last five minutes to see if the current champion wins again in a walk-away. Has the level of competitors fallen?

“I think the problem was not the number of wins, but the actual competitor, Matt Amodio, whose voice and delivery was buzzing, humorless and without any spark of energy. I couldn’t bear to watch it since almost the first time I saw it, and I realized that Ken Jennings, James Holzhauser and all the other big winners, including Amodio’s successor Jonathan Fisher, have a nice personality and an energetic way to engage in the game! So relieved when Matt was eliminated.

To sum up, I haven’t seen so many letters on a show since Tyra Banks became the host of “Dancing with the Stars”. (We’ll let this issue sit this week.) As for “Jeopardy! “I might not like individual winners, but I still like open competitions. And now for other topics.

Q: Do you know when “Ozark” will be back?

A: The Netflix series starring Jason Bateman will debut in what it calls “Season 4 Part 1” on January 21, 2022. This seven-episode series is the first part of the final season of the series, with the remaining seven episodes to be released on a yet-announced date.

Q: On “The Rookie”, the first episode of this season killed Jackson. Has the actor who plays him decided to leave the series?

A: Yes. Titus Makin Jr., who had played the young cop Jackson West, reportedly decided to leave and the series then killed his character. As of this writing, Makin has not made public the reason for his departure from the series, where he has appeared since its debut in 2018.

Q: While we were living in Arkansas in the late 80’s, we saw a movie called “End of the Line”, we think. Wilford Brimley was in it, we think. It was the story of a railroad that I think was shutting down. I’m not really sure about the rest. Is this a film that exists?

A: Your thinking is good. “End of the Line” starred Brimley, Levon Helm, Kevin Bacon, Holly Hunter and others, and was released in 1987. I’ve seen it streamed for free on Plex, IMDb TV, and VUDU. It is also for rent and for sale digitally on Amazon. A few years ago there was a DVD release and even a VHS release.


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