Vertical record player idealized for presenting music in a way we wouldn’t hesitate to bring home


A turntable skimmed the aesthetic and delivered music with additional gimmicks that record players perhaps did as a cohesive unit. However, the transition is more modern and timely. Now, to fill a sort of void left by the rapid transition from traditional to modern; Blok is an aesthetic that views the turntable and the notion of music, in a way you and I wouldn’t hesitate to take home.

Many turntable form factors have been idealized in the recent past, but have not really gained popularity. If you think about it, there are only a few idealistic conceptions that remain in place; importantly, it is part of our routine because the ease of use and adaptation of the on-board technology has been easier as opposed to the more sophisticated technologies that have crossed paths.

Creator: Josh Schwefel

Base the Blok on the choice of the gen-z; Designer Josh Schwefel presents a mechanical-looking turntable with ultra-precise tolerance. This transpires a device with a simple user interface and a clean silhouette. It’s not the usual beefy device; instead, a sleek square form factor with like buttons and a rewarding volume scroll knob provide a worthy hub for your nightstand.

The difference here is not so much in how it looks, but how it works! The turntable functions as a vertical device with the vinyl record entering the middle like a record between the gaping lips of a DVD player. Naturally, the built-in pin identifies the disc and starts playing it. A visually pleasing configuration – supplied in Midnight Black, Arctic White and Bumblebee Yellow – has rear connectivity ports that don’t interfere with the front and make the device suitable for your lifestyle. At this point, I’m not sure if the Blok likes your smartphone, but Bluetooth connectivity would certainly allow the Blok to fill the void; allowing you and me to rock the music from the comfort of the couch/bed.


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