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What I need for Christmas is …

For for an experiment, go to your kitchen, look around and see what you need. What do you do need. If you’re having trouble, open a cupboard where you store your appliances and take a look. What are you doing need? Without what can’t you live?

Maybe you go in the drawers and count the cutlery, look really good in the places for the dishes – do you need a gravy boat? A soup tureen? Maybe a few more dessert bowls?

Do you need new knives and forks or another bottle opener? Maybe you need a blender or a blender? Maybe even something big, like a microwave or refrigerator. Looking at the basics, you could probably do with food in your closet – look really good. Do you need to have more food in your cupboard? Is there enough food there already? Is there enough for you and your family two weeks? If the stores were to close now, could you manage to collect enough meals to feed everyone for two weeks (you might be surprised at how much food you have).

Is there enough juice in the fridge for this week? Enough green salad and tomatoes?

Let’s expand the experience beyond the kitchen – go to the bathroom and see what you need there… Maybe a new scale? Maybe a new feminine razor or a moisturizer?

Is your bedroom a fun place to stay, you might need a pillow or two, a throw throw, or matching cushions?

Something is always missing in the wardrobe. Are there enough clothes? Is there enough clothing that you can wear something different every day for the next two weeks? Could you use a new Moțrhead t-shirt? Do you have two pairs of shoes for all seasons? Sandals and flip flops, work shoes and boots Рmaybe a pair of sneakers and fluffy slippers? Clogs for the garden?

There must be some things you could get for the laundry? A washing machine or dryer. Maybe some fabric softener?

If you walk around the living room. Is there a TV, stereo, DVD player, CD player, video player, BluRay player, and a bookshelf full of books?

If the house is covered, try the yard; do you have a lawn mower and a swing? A border cutter? A garden and a gazebo or market umbrella? Maybe you need a new swimming pool?

Need versus desire

I’m sure the point has been pushed home – you can see where I’m going.

When we think of Christmas we automatically think about what we can offer people and I suspect that neither of us could say that we have never received something we didn’t want and more often than not something that we didn’t want. we didn’t need.

So what do people need at Christmas? What is our urge to give gifts – mostly gifts that we buy?

When I was a kid we had toys and books for Christmas, but it was also a chance to get some things we needed – a new dress when we had grown up with all the old, new shoes and under. -clothes and an upgrade from the old hairbrush or sun hat, my smart (and probably money-savvy) parents gave us things that were also part of our daily needs.

What are some “gifts” we can give someone to improve their life – the things they need to be happier? More satisfied? Less sad, angry or hurt? Less alone?

Do any of these things come in boxes and wrapping paper?

Let’s try a new experience – even if you’ve already spent a month’s salary on gifts, why not make a list, just for fun, of things you can give to everyone you love – something they really need – things where they don’t need to shake the box and guess what it is. Things that make them feel better, more secure, happier, wanted and loved.


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