What to watch with a hangover


Antiques roadshow

When treating a hangover, the most important thing is for everything to be coldness. No loud noises, please – or flashing lights, or God forbid: weird smells. Luckily, there’s a weirdly compelling TV show that’s guaranteed to not provide you with any of these things (and if you feel any TV show, please consult a doctor). Long-standing series Antiques roadshow is pure comfort food on television. One can easily spend a whole morning, afternoon, or even an evening hungover by gorging on this pleasant series of auctions in which well-meaning goobs bring what they believe to be priceless artifacts at auction. , experts analyze them, then tell them how much grandmother’s porcelain is really worth.

Worst Hangover Viewing: Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Guy Fieri looks nice. I just can’t watch a man with frosty tips eating wings and nachos for hours on end. Alec bojalad

Anne the House of Green Gables (1985)

Anne the House of Green Gables 1985

I specified the 1985 TV adaptation of LM Montgomery’s book series because it’s the pinnacle of the “Straw Hat Girls” genre, but really, you’d be safe with anything that happened at the. late 1800s with a goat or rustic fence on the DVD jacket. Little house on the prairie, Heidi, the little women, what Katy did, Anne with an E they will all see you well. If you decide to go to the pine nuts, skip the episode where Anne and Diana accidentally go to waste on a bottle of current wine that they think is raspberry syrup. Otherwise, a feast of easily resolved disputes, jersey cows and bucolic gads across flower-strewn fields awaits. Sit down – cautiously – and let the power of Canada cleanse you.

Worst Hangover Viewing: Dexter, Where this video of a 1970s Mary Berry raping several fish. Louisa mellor

Judge Judy

Judge Judy

Judy is not your friend (and don’t call her Judy). But for the most striking hangover, she actually is Your friend. Like the most reliable of buddies, she’s there all the time (you can find a channel showing Judge Judy at almost any time of the day). And like a delicious Subway sandwich, almost every episode tastes the same: broken engagement, unpaid loans, damaged property, and settlements up to a maximum of $ 5,000. It’s a familiar dance with Judy pedaling slogan after slogan, flushing out the truth, calling out fools, and delivering justice.

People are real, cases are real, decisions are final (as shown on the show at the start of each episode). It is a comfort. Because in most people’s real world, there isn’t always justice. We don’t have heroes like Judy to rush in and enforce fairness. Life is unfair and sometimes it’s boring. Inhabiting the sleepy world of Judy’s court, with Judy’s Officer Bird’s Sentry is a perfect antidote to the beer blues and spirals of shame. Plus, there are lots of ads and lots of recaps: annoying if you watch fully functional, but in the hangover zone it just means you can go in and out, watch with half an eye and still follow everything. what is happening.


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