What would you like to see in the old Overstock warehouse



This building has been empty for some time on Rt. 37 W. in Toms River.

I believe there was an antique store next to Overstock Warehouse in this building, now both are closed. This is a great place for something good in Toms River.

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We know that Rt. 37 is a very busy road. This building would be a great location for something big in Toms River. I don’t know what we need in Toms River, we could always have more.

When I ask you, you give me great ideas. Cracker Barrel is usually the first restaurant you ask in Toms River. I agree, we NEED a Cracker Barrel.

Many of you are asking for something for the children to do. Like an IPLAY or something like a Top Golf here. I don’t think the building is big enough for this and the kids will come on their bikes. Rt. 37 is not the route for cycling.

Wegman’s and Trader Joes have always been a “huge” suggestion in Toms River. Again, the land there, the building, and the parking lot are too small for anything like this.

Near the Overstock Warehouse building, there’s Town & Country, Squan Furniture, and Aldi is there too.

There are so many doctors’ offices along Rt. 37 W., near the hospital. I don’t know if we need another doctor’s office. But, that would be better than empty.

I hate to see empty buildings and stores in our community. I wish they would stop building new buildings and using older buildings that are already standing. Or, come in and shoot it down and build a new one.

What would you like to see in the old Overstock Warehouse building on Rt. 37 W. in Toms River.

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