Why the Sonic Movie Secretly Saved a Final Cartoon Season


Here’s how the release of 2020’s Sonic the Hedgehog movie secretly saved Sonic X’s final season, fifteen years after it first aired in Japan.

The sonic the hedgehog the franchise is constantly influencing itself through iterations of movies, movies, and games, and a lesser-known influence is how the 2020 film helped jump-start the final season of Sonic X. sonic x first aired in Japan in 2003 and was made by Japanese studio TMS Entertainment. It originally had 52 episodes planned over two seasons. But there was a third season made by TMS which, strangely, did not air in Japan at the same time it aired in other countries around the world.

sonic x was an anime based on the Sonic Adventure video games. It was the fourth Sonic TV series to do since 1993. sonic x followed Sonic and his friends, all of whom were accidentally transported to Earth after an encounter with the seven Chaos Emeralds wielded by the evil Doctor Robotnik, aka Eggman (played by Jim Carrey in the 2020 film). On Earth, they encountered a human boy named Chris and continued to fight Eggman as they attempted to return home. The plot of the second season of sonic x was where the most influences were drawn from the Sonic Adventure Games. In Season 3, known as “The Metarex Saga”, Sonic and his friends finally returned to their world to be caught up in a space battle with an army of aliens. The series continues to be loved by audiences to this day, as evidenced by its creation of the “playful”gotta go fast” same.


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Despite the fact that the series was made in Japan, the third season of sonic x did not appear anywhere on Japanese TV or DVD for 15 years. It could only be viewed on rental streaming services where Japanese audiences were often forced to watch the French or English dubbed versions. Only with the release of the live-action sonic the hedgehog film that the third season of sonic x was eventually released in Japan as part of the film’s promotion package. All 78 episodes of the series were made available through the release of the film, and thus ultimately the entire sonic x could be watched from start to finish by Japanese audiences, without having to bother searching for episodes online.

sonic x

There were a few factors that potentially contributed to the third season of sonic x not aired in Japan until recent movie. Surprisingly, sonic x was more popular overseas than in Japan. It performed particularly well in the United States and France. However, not for the last time, the Sonic the franchise faced some fan controversy. Many audiences criticized the heavy editing the series received for its American market, which included everything from a reduction in the amount of swearing and violence to other changes. However, in 2007, sonic x was TMS’ highest-performing anime, leading the studio to focus on non-Japanese targeted anime. This new target audience may have contributed to why the three seasons of sonic x were only released outside of Japan. Due to the show’s poor ratings, sonic x was canceled in Japan in 2005 after the second season.

With the continuation of the franchise and sonic the hedgehog 3 now under construction, SonicThe international success of will certainly continue to grow. Paramount can continue to draw inspiration from past games and TV series like sonic x and incorporate it into their growth sonic the hedgehog movie universe. Hope that everywhere sonic the hedgehog goes into the future, this time the whole world can watch.

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