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Malam Jamilu Abdulsalam is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Northflix.ng – a platform launched for movie producers to reap the rewards of their hard work. In this interview, Jamilu talks about the reasons behind the creation of the platform and many more.

OWhat are the reasons for the creation of Northflix?

It is clear that despite several obstacles faced by the Hausa film industry, one fact that remains constant is that Hausa filmmaking has remained. In the more than two decades of the industry’s existence, several transformations have taken place that have made the industry what it is today.

It’s worth remembering that the industry started out producing movies on VHS tapes for home videos, moved to using CD plates, and then moved on to using DVDs. Undoubtedly, the industry has become a hub for lucrative engagement, especially with the youth, as the industry has become one of the most job-creating sectors in Northern Nigeria.

Malam Jamilu Abdulsalam

However, with the proliferation of Hausa satellite TV channels, the industry tried to adapt to the new trend by moving into the production of drama series and gradually the conventional Hausa film industry became obsolete. Films on DVD have been stopped and the Hausa film market in Kofar Wambai is completely dead; forcing market operators to look for other alternatives or to forget about the sector altogether.

As a business-oriented individual, we have sat down to find ways in which we can take advantage of the opportunity that such a transition in the film industry will present.

This is how we came up with the concept of Northflix – a platform that will effectively absorb all the transformation and turn it into an advantage that all can benefit from.

What does this innovation consist of?

Northflix is ​​an online streaming platform aimed at selling Hausa content. We understand that there is a wrong distribution channel in the Hausa film industry; there is a high rate of piracy in the industry. According to the research we have conducted, 98% of people who watch Hausa movies currently do not use their money to access them; only 2% use their money to access this content, which discourages film companies. And even the YouTube channels that producers use to distribute their content are not for the growth and financial development of the industry, but for very few of them to earn quick revenue that is not sustainable.

We also launched our app and started providing services to our many users and allies in the filmmaking field.

How do you rate the performance of your newly launched application?

After the transition from DVD to the use of satellite television stations, it became clear to practitioners that not all producers’ work can be broadcast on satellite television stations; many have embraced using YouTube as an alternative.

A lot of us now have YouTube channels and we’re doing pretty well staying in business. Not all producers can afford to produce movies that meet the standards set by satellite TV channels. This is why many have taken advantage of YouTube to do business.

When we launched our app, it became a saving grace for many practitioners and everyone realized that the platform spoke for the bright future of the industry. I don’t want to sound self-reviewed, but from what we’ve been able to gather, the app is doing great.

The app currently keeps the Hausa film industry in tune with the current global trend; It will interest you to know that the app was launched in 2019 with the aim of combating the menace of movie piracy and deepening the penetration of Nigerian Hausa movies in the global market.

The platform also addresses issues of poor distribution channels and high piracy rates, among other major concerns, depriving film producers of getting financial value for their investments.

What are you doing differently this time around?

Over time, we’ve integrated series of our intellectual capabilities into Northflix, and as such, we’ve entered into very strong partnership agreements with some major producers in the industry to jointly produce and promote select Northflix original content that will be premium and exclusive to Northflix. Platform.

Likewise, to ensure that the set target is achieved, the company has appointed a sensational Kannywood and Nollywood actor, Umar Gombe, as the platform’s first program manager. The company’s wishes and desires to serve as a catalyst to deepen the penetration of Hausa films in the global market aim to serve more than 100 million native and non-native speakers scattered across the globe.

We intend to make good use of Gombe’s wealth of experience and expertise, to elevate the entertainment industry to a great height.

We also collaborate with film production companies such as FKD Production, Saira Movies, Dorayi Entertainment, Maishadda Movies, Toka Mcbaror, UK entertainment, Uzee Concept, Rite Time Media, among many others, to bring you quality content. in the fields of documentary, conversation. Show, feature films, sketches among other interesting entertainment packages.

What do you mean by original Northflix content?

It’s an adopted concept that involves Northflix participating in certain film production processes, and that’s why we work with various stakeholders in the business to make it as unique as possible to serve our customers in the best possible way. . We have gone deep in the production processes of many films that we want to release to our fans.

What does Nothflix offer or do differently?

Northflix gives all practitioners a new ray of hope and unifies the Hausa film industry under the new innovation. This is a new dimensional venture that will ensure the elevation of the industry as well as the maximization of their return on investment, among other positive benefits offered by the platform.


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