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Over the past year and a half, the demand for recreational vehicles has been enormous. Consumers have been looking for ways to escape the stress of the pandemic, which has driven motorhome prices soaring. As we look to 2022, many wonder if prices will remain high or start to return to pre-pandemic levels.

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The demand for motorhomes has exploded

When the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic struck in the spring of 2020 and lockdowns followed, many Americans began to tire of being locked inside. At the same time, they were reluctant to travel by plane or stay in hotels for fear of contracting the virus themselves.

While this is bad news for many components in the travel industry, it was great news for RV manufacturers. Motorhomes and other types of motorhomes offered exactly what consumers wanted: the freedom to hit the road and see new places while remaining relatively isolated and protected.

Demand for recreational vehicles has been so high that recreational vehicle manufacturers are expected to post a 20% increase in production in 2021 over 2020. They are struggling to find enough workers to meet the demand for vehicles. Motorhome owners have struggled to find parking spaces for campers, with so many new competitions for spaces.

Are RV prices going to drop next year?

All of this makes people wonder if prices have finally peaked or if they can be expected to stay high until 2022. RV Magazine speculates that the latter is more likely.

First, they note that demand for recreational vehicles remains high, as manufacturers struggle to catch up with pandemic shutdowns that have suspended production for months. Some societal changes may prove to be more lasting than initially anticipated. For example, many employers have removed the requirement that employees be physically present in the office and not consider reverting to this old model. As a result, some employees will likely choose to do their work on the road in their RVs.

RV Magazine also points out that it may take some time for some people to adjust to the idea of ​​eventually getting on an airplane, even with vaccine development. Those who are reluctant to travel by plane could also help keep RV prices high.

Finally, Getaway Couple points out that with the rise of the Delta variant, we may not be as out of the woods as we thought when it came to the pandemic. This fact, combined with a low supply of RVs and high demand, could easily mean that prices will remain high until 2022.

It is still possible to find a relatively affordable RV

While it’s harder to find an affordable RV than it used to be, it’s still not impossible. First off, as RV Lifestyle points out, some consumers who splurged on an RV in 2020 will likely decide that it’s not their lifestyle after all. When they do, they’ll likely list their used RVs for sale. Maybe this is one way to find a good deal.

There are also new affordable RVs out there if you know where to look. Top Notch Outdoor recommends several, including the Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro Travel Trailer. It can accommodate two to four people and includes an AM / FM stereo with Bluetooth and USB port, a 12 volt TV with integrated DVD player, a rear ladder, a Wi-Fi range extender with Wi-Fi connection available and a solar panel mounted on the roof. Best of all, it starts at just $ 9,995.

The Jayco Jay Flight SLX travel trailer, which can accommodate three to nine people, is also high on Top Notch Outdoor’s list. Starting at just $ 9,000, it has an array of modern technology and a beautiful interior that includes solid wood cabinet doors and brushed nickel faucets.

If you feel the urge to hit the road in a motorhome, keep your eyes peeled. Higher prices don’t mean all campers are out of reach.

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