Will season two of the streaming series Dr. Death on Peacock take place in Michigan?

Warning: Spoilers For Dr. Death on Peacock contained in this article.

For those who have the Peacock streaming service, the new Dr. Death miniseries has been a glimpse into the story of the Texas doctor, Dr. Christopher Duntsch, who maimed or killed many patients before he was finally dispatched. in jail in 2017. Fans of the show can’t seem to get enough and wonder if a second season is in the cards for the Peacock streamers.

Unlike most TV series where a second season is virtually guaranteed when the first is a smash, this story is sadly true and the season ended with Duntsch’s imprisonment. While the network has released an accompanying documentary series called Dr. Death, the untreated story, it looks like Duntsch’s story has been told.

But the original podcast the show was based on, the Wondery Podcast Dr Death, has already completed his second season, and this season focuses on a Michigan doctor.

The podcast, which tells the story of Michigan doctor Dr. Farid Fata. Fata was arrested in 2013 for prescribing chemotherapy to patients in perfect health or whose condition did not warrant chemotherapy, then by subjecting $ 34 million in fraudulent charges to Health Insurance and private health insurance companies for a period of at least six years.

So one would have to imagine that with the success of the first season, the producers of the series would again turn to the original source of the series. If so, the show will likely be set in Michigan and take a look at patients injured by Dr. Fata as he defrauded insurance companies of millions of dollars.

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