Zack Snyder’s Justice League tops Blu-Ray sales while still on HBO Max


Zack Snyder Justice League is doing very well in terms of sales on Blu-Ray when it is already on HBO Max. The film has seen an increase in the number of copies sold in recent times, while Justice League will continue to stream on HBO Max.

The home exit of Zack Snyder Justice League went all the way to the top of the NPD VideoScan First Alert chart, known to track combined DVD and Blu-ray sales for movies as well as TV show releases. Interestingly enough, 75% of sales in the first week of Justice League were for Blu-ray, which shows just how common it is to own a device that can play Blu-ray compared to what it was before. However, there is a market for the now “vintage” DVD player, as it accounts for 25% of sales.

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What is interesting is that Zack Snyder Justice League does better in sales compared to The conspiracy: the devil made me do it. This may be a good sign for DC comic fans, as many of them would love to see Snyder’s vision for the live-action DC Universe continue despite apparent comments from company superiors, who want a change. direction. The theatrical cut of Justice League received mixed to negative reviews, prompting Warner Bros. to go back to the drawing board and revise the plans for DC Extended Universe.


Many DC fans want to see the same actors stay in their DC roles in the future. Fans want Ben Affleck to return for another photo of the role of Bruce Wayne, and they’re excited to see him again for the next one. Sparkle solo film, which will also find Michael Keaton in the role of Batman. The Sparkle The film rests a lot on his shoulders and will potentially affect the future of DC films as fans know. Another actor who has apparently stepped away from his role is Henry Cavill, but fans don’t want to see him replaced as Superman.

Although it is not heavily promoted, Justice League does better than Conjuring‘s third movie, which could be a good sign for Warner Bros. and DC to give Snyder a second chance to take over the helm of the story. Snyder released his archived plans for the Justice League trilogy, and it looked like it would be a story that dives into uncharted territory for the superhero genre, which would have made it a serious contender against Marvel. However, the fact that his story is “unconventional” may be the reason executives were afraid to give Snyder a chance.

Whichever side people stay on, it would be nice to see the Creator again at the helm of DC, but Snyder seems to have moved on with his own projects such as Army of thievess. Hopefully Snyder sees the fruits of his labor somehow moving forward, as the way DC and Warner Bros have handled him isn’t fair considering what the director went through. . In the future, the creators, the team and the talents will hopefully be treated better.

Justice League is now available on HBO Max, Blu-Ray and DVD.

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